Party All Night: Ananya Panday And Suhana Khan Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Party All Night: Ananya Panday And Suhana Khan Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan and Chunky Panday’s daughter Ananya Panday have been best friends since childhood. The girls love to go on vacations, throw slumber parties and party together.

Recently, a fan page dedicated to Suhana shared a video of Ananya and Suhana dancing at a nightclub and having a ball.

Both the lovely ladies are clad in black outfits. They’re seen shaking a leg to Magic’s hit song Rude.

Ananya, in a conversation with a leading daily, spoke about how the girls have been thick since their childhood, “When we were young, during our family gatherings, we would put together shows and perform in front of our parents. Shah Rukh sir would record us on a Handycam, and we would make short films out of them.”

In an interview with another leading entertainment magazine, Ananya said that she has known the Khans since she was a little girl. The actress further revealed that she considers SRK as her second dad.


Ananya Panday revealed that Shahrukh was one of her first mentors: "We have done some really weird things. Shahrukh sir always used to encourage us and do photo shoots with us. He would take our videos and make us feel like we are the best actors. He would show them to everyone and say, 'Look what they did'."

Here’s some trivia! Apparently, these two were actually a part of Karan Johar's hit film, My Name Is Khan.

Ananya Panday revealed that she and Suhana were extras on the sets of My Name Is Khan, but Karan Johar cut their scene out! "I actually remember the time when I went on a set with Suhana when Shah Rukh sir was shooting for My Name is Khan. Suhana and I went to visit him on set when he was in America. They were shooting some scene, and Karan (Johar) needed some people to walk around in the background. So, he asked (us) to just walk around and we were like 12 or something and we got so excited," the actress revealed.


Ananya even admitted that she and Suhana were quite upset about not making it to the final cut of the film, "I wore this pink jacket and I was so excited. They took some 7-8 takes and in every take both of us did this like walking and overacting. When we watched the film and we were waiting for our scene to come, which is when we realised that it was cut from the movie. We were so upset but that’s one memory I have from my sets."

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