Are We Looking At *Three* Ambani Weddings This Year? We Think So And Nope, We Can't Keep Calm!

Are We Looking At *Three* Ambani Weddings This Year? We Think So And Nope, We Can't Keep Calm!

The Ambani household has been abuzz with excitement and joy for a long time now, all thanks to the two shaadis that they're soon going to be hosting. For all of you scratching your heads and wondering what we're talking about, let us refresh your memory a bit. Akash, the eldest son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani recently got engaged to his childhood sweetheart Shloka Mehta in a larger-than-life ceremony. Isha Ambani, Akash's twin also got engaged to Anand Piramal a couple of months back, and both the couples are all set to get married at the end of this year.


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But we have just come across a picture of the youngest Ambani scion Anant, which indicates that even he is walking down the road to join the doubles club, along with his siblings Isha and Akash. Apparently, Anant is dating Radhika Merchant, a 24-year old Political Science graduate from New York University. Though not much is known about her background, all we know is that the Ambani boy seems to be much-in-love with her. Here is the picture of the two 'lovebirds' that has our hearts brimming with joy:

Super adorable, right? That look of love is just unmissable!

Radhika has been seen taking part in the festivities at the Ambani residence quite a lot of times. She even danced with the Ambani and soon-to-be Ambani ladies at Akash and Shloka's engagement bash. Check out the video:


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Radhika even visited the Siddhivinayak Temple with the Ambani clan after Shloka and Akash's engagement! Things seem to be pretty serious between the two.

Sooo, should we be expecting three Ambani weddings this year? Okay, that's just a lot of excitement in one year, so *fingers crossed*!

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