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#ThrowbackThursday: These Cartoon Inspired Nail Art Designs Will Take You Back To The 90s

#ThrowbackThursday: These Cartoon Inspired Nail Art Designs Will Take You Back To The 90s

As a 90s kid, I grew up watching cartoons like The Power Puff Girls, Snoopy, Tom and Jerry, The Jetsons, Johnny Bravo and many Disney movies. Till today, I remember each episode of theirs and know their dialogues by heart. These cartoons were popular among us because they were inspirational and had brilliant story scripts. Take a stroll down the memory lane with these nail art designs inspired by 90s cartoons. Happy scrolling! 

1. The Powerpuff Girls


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Till today if you ask me to do a Powerpuff Girls marathon, I happily will. After coming back from school, I used to watch this cartoon. My sister was a Buttercup fan and I admired Blossom. Which Powerpuff is your favourite?

2. Tom and Jerry

I couldn't possibly write this story without mentioning Tom and Jerry, no? There's a lot of skill and patience required for doing this nail art design, but I assure you that the effort is so worth it. 

3. Mickey Mouse 


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Mickey Mouse nails, yes, please! These are too cute to not do. To nail this design, you need three nail shades - black, white and red. Those are Mickey's signature colours. 

4. Aladdin

This is when Aladdin confessed his love for Princess Jasmine. I've always rooted for these two. I think they're a match made in cartoon heaven. 

5. The Simpsons 

You could be a Bart or a Lisa fan and I will still love you because you heart The Simpsons! Oh, and don't forget the doughnuts *Wink*

6. SpongeBob SquarePants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Aren't these adorable? Yep, I knew you'd love them. 

7. The Little Mermaid


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Mermaid hair, mermaid lips, mermaid nails - I want ALL of them! Ariel is one of my favourite Disney Princesses. She's so full of life and energy - it's infectious. 

8. The Flintstones



A post shared by Jordan Mckenna(: (@jordan_mckennaxox) on

If you remember this phrase, "yabba dabba doo!" You were one cool 90s kid. High five!

9. Snoopy 


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Ending this list with Snoopy. If this nail art design does not inspire you to paint your nails, I don't know what will! Good luck. 

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Published on Jul 26, 2018
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