#SalonAtHome: 5 Amazing Alternatives To Your Monthly Waxing Appointment

#SalonAtHome: 5 Amazing Alternatives To Your Monthly Waxing Appointment
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The entire world is panicking ‘coz of Coronavirus and things like getting waxing should be the last thing on our minds right now. Well, not exactly. We believe in the power of #SelfCare and honestly, what’s wrong with grooming ourselves, even if we're just planning to stay home? Since we cannot keep up with our monthly salon visits anymore, this seems like the perfect time to #DIY!

Alternatives For Waxing

No matter how painful those waxing appointments are, the end result is always so clean and soft skin. But since none of us can step outside, here's what you can do at home to get rid of body hair.

Shave It Off

Shaving is easy and so effortless. It's the best way to remove hair from your body. Just, wash the area you wish to shave (say, your legs), add two drops of shower gel on the area to massage and lather up. Add a few drops of any antiseptic liquid in a mug of water, take your razor, dip it in. Now, start shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

After you're all done, wash your legs, pat them dry and apply some aloe vera gel to calm your skin. And if by any chance you had cut yourself, the aloe vera gel will help soothe that as well. 

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We all rely on our tweezers to fix our brows from time to time, right? Tweezers are an excellent beauty tool to pluck out the tiniest of hair, be it on our chin, face or brows. Tweezers can also be used to remove ingrown hair from our skin. Just scrub the area from where you wish to pluck out the hair and tweeze it out.

Sometimes, we might miss a small patch of hair, say on our knuckles, we can always pluck it out.

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For me, epilators are tweezers who went abroad for higher studies but ended up being on steroids. Does that make sense?

Using an epilator is perhaps the most convenient way to remove hair from any part of the body. It gives you the same result as waxing, only that it's slightly more effective(over time). Epilators pull out your hair from the root. While they may seem intimidating and scary, over time your hair growth will reduce and the frequency you have to use it will also reduce. Just wash the part you wish to epilate, scrub and pat your skin dry and epilate.

If you see any form of reaction developing due to excessive hair plucking, it's normal. Your skin will take some time to get used to this method of hair removal. Apply some calamine lotion to soothe the area.

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Bean There, Ever Done That?

Let's go back to 2019 when these colourful beans were everywhere. People were mixing different types of colours to add an *aesthetic* to the painful method of hair removal. (Cringe level: MAX).

If you have never heard about this method of hair removal, let me introduce you to waxing 2.0. Unlike your regular wax, they come in the form of beads (please keep 'em away from children) that you can heat to form a waxy-liquidy texture. Then, you use the mixture as it it on your skin and pull it exactly the way we do it with a waxing strip.

Waxing strips? Ahh, that's so 2018!

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'Coz let's face it, you're not going anywhere anytime soon. So, time for a #DIY!

You'll need:

- 1/4 cup honey

- 1 cup white granulated sugar

- 1 tbsp. lemon juice

- Wax strips

- Spatula

Mix it all the ingredients in a pot, while heating it on low flame. Keep stirring the pesky mixture till it becomes liquidy and everything perfectly mixes. well. Allow the mixture to cool down for some time.

Using a big spatula, pour a small amount of the DIY mixture on your skin, put the waxing strip over it and pull it upwards. Make sure you pull it opposite to the hair growth for the maximum impact. If you feel the pull isn't strong, either reheat it again or apply talcum power on your skin before pouring it. Once done, wash it off and apply moisturizer and jump into bed and watch some of our videos.

You can also use ready to use wax strips and hair removal creams as alternatives to remove unwanted hair. Whatever suits your boats!

Time to turn your home to a salon today. Turn on some light music and shave it off, shave it off...🎵🎵

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