Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 85: Dipika Refuses To Save Karanvir From Nominations

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 85: Dipika Refuses To Save Karanvir From Nominations

Bigg Boss made all the contestants extremely emotional by kicking off the family week. Everyone broke down when they met their family members after two months and couldn't be more grateful to Bigg Boss for giving them that chance.

The contestants were shocked at Saba Khan's revelation about Somi and Romil, and everyone loved Dipika's husband Shoaib. He bonded very well with everyone in the house and gave Dipika his jacket before he left.

After all the family members came and left, Surbhi was seen sitting in a corner and sobbing because of what everyone's family members said to her. She felt like she was the only villain in the house.

Bigg Boss announced a fun nomination task by the end of which three contestants got nominated. In case you missed who all did, we have the highlights for you. 

Contestants Were Surprised With Romil's Behaviour

Dipika and Sreesanth were discussing how Romil seemed emotionless when his wife and kid came to the house. He didn't cry and didn't seem to happy to see them either. They were also talking about how Romil had said that he can survive in the house without meeting his family. Somi went up to Surbhi and told her that she is feeling uncomfortable around Romil after Saba revealed what the audience thinks about their bond. 

The Nomination Task

Karanvir read out the instructions of the nomination task, Jinn Ki Gufa. There was a set up in the activity area. Each housemate had to go rub the genie's lamp and fulfil his wishes. He/she had to convince the other contestant to sacrifice their things in order to get saved from the nominations.

Karanvir Saved Deepak

Deepak rubbed the lamp and was told to ask Karanvir to destroy his daughter's stuffed toy in order to save Deepak. After a lot of persuasion from Deepak's end, Karanvir destroyed it and saved him from nominations.

Rohit Refused To Save Somi

Somi rubbed the lap next. The genie told her to ask Rohit to nominate himself for the entire season. Rohit immediately refused and told her that no one would do this for anyone in the house.

Deepika Refused To Save Karanvir

Karanvir went and rubbed the genie's lamp. He was asked to request Dipika to destroy the jacket that her husband Shoaib had given to her the previous day. He asked Dipika, but she instantly said no. She clearly said that she would've done it for Sreesanth, but wouldn't do it for Karanvir. She explained that she had tried to mend things with him, but it didn't happen and he has hurt her a lot. She also added that since she doesn't share a good bond with him anymore, he doesn't deserve her loyalty and hence she wouldn't save him. So, Somi, Rohit and Karanvir got nominated for eviction.

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