Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 73: Rohit Pees In A Sipper During The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 73: Rohit Pees In A Sipper During The Captaincy Task

Does Surbhi always have to yell her lungs out and abuse people? Does Dipika always have to play the victim? Does Romil always have to play mind games? And does Sreesanth have to give up during every task? Whether or not these are the true colours of the contestants, these are their character traits in the Bigg Boss house.

I am looking forward to seeing something new and unpredictable happen inside the house. And this is a sincere request coming from someone who has watched all episodes of this season religiously. The BB Panchayat task seemed to be never-ending, but it finally concluded last night. 

In case you missed who won the task and who all became the contenders for captaincy, we have the highlights for you. 

Somi And Romil Had A Spat

The contestants woke up to the song Tumhi Ho Bandhu. Right after the alarm went off, Romil taunted Somi saying that Bigg Boss played that song to hint at friendships falling apart. Somi asked Romil what he meant by that. He told her that he was disappointed with her as she didn't support him during the BB Panchayat task. Somi said that she was playing fair. Romil asked her not to play mind games with him, else he'd become her worst enemy. Somi asked Romil to stop threatening him as he can't scare her by saying all this.

Jasleen And Somi Were Excluded From Captaincy

As sarpanchs of the BB Panchayat, Jasleen and Somi failed to decide which team performed better. Bigg Boss asked the contestants to nominate four housemates for captaincy based on their performance during the task. As a punishment for failing in the task, Somi and Jasleen were not allowed to e a part of the discussion. The contestants had a major tussle which coming to a unanimous decision. Finally, Dipika, Romil, Deepak and Surbhi became the captaincy contenders.

Megha Got Miffed On Not Being Nominated For Captaincy

Right after the feud regarding captaincy, Megha and Jasleen were seen talking about how the decision was unfair. Megha told Jasleen that it wasn't her fault that her team didn't perform well. Jasleen replied that she knew Dipika would become a contender for captaincy. Megha snapped at Jasleen saying that everyone was fake in the house. She added that she doesn't know what to do - if someone reacts, they're deemed aggressive and if they remain silent, then they're not involved in the task.

The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task. There were four swords kept in the garden area with Dipika, Romil, Surbhi and Deepak's names written on it. The contenders had to choose one housemate each to guard their sword. The contestant guarding the sword wasn't allowed to move from their place, not even take washroom breaks. The moment the guard left their spot and someone lifted the sword, that contender was out of the race.

Rohit Peed In A Sipper During The Task

Dipika asked Sreesanth to guard her sword, but he refused. Later, she chose Megha, Romil chose Jasleen, Deepak chose Karanvir and Surbhi chose Rohit. Surbhi and Rohit kept teasing Sreesanth for not supporting his sister Dipika and instigating him, so he lost his temper again. Later, Rohit wanted to go to the restroom, but since he couldn't, he asked Surbhi to get him a sipper and he peed in that.

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