Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 70: Sreesanth Talks About The Match-Fixing Controversy

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 70: Sreesanth Talks About The Match-Fixing Controversy

As the show is heading closer to the finale, contestants have started playing all sorts of games to win it. There are no friends left in the house, but Dipika and Sreesanth's bond remains thick as ever.

After Srishty's elimination this weekend, Karanvir seems to be feeling a little left out. Somi is still trying to prove that she's not the weakling of the Happy Club and I can sense some insecurities in the Happy Club members. Last night, the contestants were given a thrilling nomination task and Surbhi got a special power as she is the captain of the house.

In case you missed what led to a fight among the Happy Club members and who all got nominated for eviction this week, we have the highlights for you. 

Sreesanth Opened Up About The Match-Fixing Controversy

Sreesanth, Dipika and Jasleen were sitting in the garden area. Sreesanth started telling the two of them about the match-fixing controversy. He told them that he was the first ever Indian cricketer to go to jail because he was accused of betraying his team for Rs 10 Lacs. He further added how it impacted his family dramatically. His mother went into depression and his kids cannot go to watch a cricket match in the stadium because of the BCCI ban on him. He even shared an incident that happened long ago - he was asked to vacate the premises of the stadium as soon as he was spotted by the management.

Romil & Surbhi Ran Into A Tussle Because Of Rohit

Rohit was walking around the house without wearing his mic. Bigg Boss asked him to wear the mic and follow the house rules. Captain Surbhi punished Rohit for breaking the rules and asked him to wash the utensils. He started washing them but still hadn't worn his mic. Romil saw Rohit rebel and passed a comment on Surbhi's incompetence as a captain as she couldn't make him wear the mic. Surbhi snapped at Romil and said that she wasn't Rohit's mother to run behind him all the time.

Happy Club Members Split Once Again

Right after the tiff between Romil and Surbhi, things took an ugly turn. Surbhi started spilling some secrets about how Romil thought of Somi as a weak contestant. This didn't go well with Somi and she told Romil to never say that to her again. Romil felt betrayed by what Surbhi said and the two ended up calling each other fake. Deepak joined the argument and took Surbhi's side. The Happy Club members decided to not be friends henceforth. Deepak went to the powder room and broke down. He burst into tears as he couldn't believe the split had happened.

The Nomination Task

Bigg Boss gave the housemates an interesting nominations task called LOC Kargil. The house was divided into two teams. Team One had Dipika, Jasleen, Deepak and Romil and Team Two had Karanvir, Sreesanth, Somi and Rohit. The garden area was divided into two halves and both the teams had to be in their areas. There were detonators and bunks with contestants' name put in the garden area. Every time there would be an explosion noise, captain Surbhi had to nominate a contestant and blow up the bunk of that contestant. If Surbhi ended up nominating three members from one team, the entire team would get nominated for evictions this week. Megha had been nominated by Bigg Boss for misconduct with Deepak. Hence, she wasn't a part of the task.

Surbhi Nominated Two Happy Club Members

Surbhi nominated Jasleen for not having an opinion of her own and not performing well during tasks; Romil for playing mind games and being manipulative; Rohit for breaking rules and Somi for being a strong competition.

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