Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 66: Megha Spits On Deepak During The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 66: Megha Spits On Deepak During The Captaincy Task

The day before yesterday, we saw how Rohit betrayed his team in the luxury budget task and let Team Red win the task. This gave Surbhi and Deepak a chance to contest for captaincy. 

I am not fond of either of them, but I was curious to see two Happy Club members fight against each other for captaincy. Bigg Boss gave a very interesting, but controversial, task to the contestants. The task witnessed some heated arguments and some extremely ugly spats.

In case you missed on why Megha spat on Deepak and who became the captain of the house, we have the highlights for you. Read to find out!

The Captaincy Task

Karanvir read out the captaincy task, Breaking News. Surbhi and Deepak were asked to turn into reporters and find news in the house. At the end of the task, whoever had better breaking news would get more points and win the task. A popular TV reporter Sweta Singh came inside the house to be the judge of the task.

Surbhi Broke The News Of Happy Club Breaking Apart

Surbhi and Deepak were running around to get news from the contestants in the house. Romil and Rohit tried to escape the Bigg Boss house, in order to give Deepak a breaking news, but Sweta told them that they can't create situations and they have to find real news in the house. Surbhi decided to break the news that Happy Club is no more. Surbhi’s news spread like wildfire in the house and she earned one point.

Megha Spat & Threw A Shoe At Deepak

Deepak was seen talking to the contestants trying to find the news. Megha told him that she was in the house as a guest and not as a contestant. But that came out to be a lie. So, Deepak went up to her to confront her. She told him that she gave a fake news to him so that he loses the task. Their conversation turned ugly after Deepak commented on Megha. She lost her calm and first spat on him and then threw her shoe at him. She started abusing him. This incident became a news and Deepak earned one point for it.

Somi & Jasleen Engaged In A War Of Words

Surbhi spotted Somi and Jasleen engage in a heated argument. So, she got an immediate news report out when she heard Somi tell Jasleen that she stands nowhere without Anup Ji.

Surbhi Won The Captaincy Task

Surbhi went to Sreesanth to get some breaking news from him. He decided to tell the real story behind the slap-gate controversy that happened between him and Harbhajan Singh many years ago. Sreesanth made an explosive revelation to Surbhi and told her that Harabhajan didn't slap him, but it was only a brotherly punch. He cleared the air further and said that Bhajji and him sorted their differences at that very moment and they are still in touch with each other. Since he gave this interview to Surbhi, it became a huge breaking news in the task and Sweta gave the point to Surbhi and she won the task becoming the new captain of the house.

Watch this space for updates on Bigg Boss Season 12.

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