Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 65: Rohit Reveals Why He Betrayed Team Blue

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 65: Rohit Reveals Why He Betrayed Team Blue

I didn't quite enjoy Romil as a captain, so I was too engrossed in this luxury budget task to find out which team will win the task and who all will contest for captaincy this week.

The Luxury budget task got ugly when all contestants inside the snake's belly started pulling the lever and fighting for it. In case you missed the real reason why Rohit betrayed his team and who became the contender for captaincy, we have the highlights for you. Read on!

Surbhi Taunted Sreesanth

The contestants were waiting for Bigg Boss to resume the Luxury Budget Task. Sreesanth was roaming around upset because Deepak and Rohit were taking on Megha inside the snake's belly. Srishty asked him that why didn't he go inside if he was so concerned, to which he said that he cannot do much if the person wearing blue team’s t-shirt is playing for Team Red. That's when Surbhi taunted him saying that he had done the same in the rangoli-making task, so he should be the last person to complain.

Rohit Called Sreesanth 'Flipshant'

Inside the snake’s belly, Srishty allowed all four contestants - Megha, Jasleen, Rohit and Deepak - to go for the lever again. This time, Rohit and Deepak managed to pull it towards the blue side. Megha and Jasleen tried to turn it to the other side, but failed. They all began fighting and yelling at each other. Megha went to the restroom and brought shampoo to make Rohit and Deepak’s hand slip from the lever handle. This is when another task started getting very ugly. Rohit asked Megha to call ‘Flipshant’ inside since the girls weren't able to handle it. Since all four of them got aggressive, the lever was on the verge of breaking apart.

Sreesanth Entered The Snake's Belly

Bigg Boss announced that this wasn't the first time that house property had been damaged during a task and scrapped that round. Bigg Boss got the lever repaired and the task resumed. This time, Megha and Jasleen managed to turn the lever to red. But Rohit shoved Megha and turned the lever to blue again. At around 3 pm, the snake made the hissing sound and Sreesanth went inside the snake’s belly. Everyone started pulling the lever and things turned nasty. Sreesanth tried to calm everyone down and told them to come to a conclusion mutually.

Rohit Revealed Why He Betrayed His Team

Later, when the snake made the hissing sound again, Rohit ran and turned the lever towards blue. Dipika went inside the snake's belly and Team Blue lost the task as all their members were inside the snake's belly. Rohit came out and tried to justify himself why he betrayed his team to the camera. He said that he knew Team Blue will not make him the contender for captaincy, so he decided to play for his friends.

Deepak & Surbhi Became Contenders For Captaincy

In the evening, all the contestants were asked to come to the living area. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to pick three contestants from the winning team (Team Blue) who were the worst performers. There was no mutual agreement, but on a majority, Romil, Karanvir and Somi were declared as worst performers and were excluded to compete for next captaincy. Bigg Boss announced that Deepak and Surbhi were the contenders for captaincy.

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