Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 64: Rohit Betrays His Team During The Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 64: Rohit Betrays His Team During The Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 has given us drama, fights, entertainment and unexpected evictions. The contestants who entered as friends have turned foes and those who didn't quite appreciate each others' existence in the house, now have each other's back.

Shivashish got eliminated this weekend for his unpardonable behaviour. This affected The Wolf Pack, but The Happy Club still shares an unbreakable bond. 

Last night, Bigg Boss gave the contestants an interesting luxury budget task that caused unexplainable fights. In case you missed why Rohit betrayed his team during the task, we have the highlights for you!

Megha Called Romil The Worst Captain Ever

In the morning at around 8 am, Megha entered the kitchen and got upset looking at its condition. She went to Romil to complain about it and told him that the kitchen team shouldn't be allowed to cook if they kept the kitchen so dirty. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Dipika found some leftover halwa and got miffed with Romil and Deepak for not letting her use sugar when she wanted to prepare it. Romil told Rohit to perform the task assigned to him since Megha had complained about him not doing the chores. Megha lost her calm eventually and called Romil the worst captain ever. Somi overheard Megha say that and informed Romil. Later, Megha and Romil had a spat.

The Luxury Budget Task

Karanvir read the luxury budget task for the week. A huge snake was set in the garden area that changed the colour of its eyes. The housemates were divided into two teams. Team Red had Karanvir, Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi and Team Blue had Rohit, Dipika, Sreesanth, Megha and Jasleen. Every time the snake hissed, one member from either of the teams had to be fed to the snake, depending on the colour of the snake’s eyes. (There was a way to go into the snake's belly). The snake’s belly had the lever that the members inside the snake could pull to change the colour of the snakes’ eye. The contestants inside the belly had to fight with each other to pull the lever in either direction. In the end, the maximum number of people remaining from whichever team outside the belly of the snake would win the task. Srishty was the sanchalak of the task.

Rohit Betrayed His Team During The Task

Rohit fought with Jasleen and later with Dipika as he wanted to be the third member to enter the snake's belly after Megha and Deepak. Jasleen tried her level best to convince Dipika and Sreesanth to not let Rohit go as she knew that Rohit will betray Team Blue and play for Team Red. Sreesanth ignored Jasleen's advice and let Rohit go inside. The minute he entered the snake's belly, he flipped. He started playing from Team Red's side and told Megha that just because he was wearing a blue t-shirt, it didn't mean that he was playing for Team Blue. He said that he would be by the side of his friends who’re in the other team.

Jasleen & Sreesanth Were At Loggerheads

Sreesanth lost his calm after he discovered that Rohit had betrayed their team and both him and Deepak were using their physical strength against Megha. He got miffed with Srishty for not being fair as a sanchalak. Sreesanth told his team members that he would want to go inside next to teach a lesson to Rohit and Deepak by slapping them for using their physical strength against Megha. When the snake made the hissss sound next, both Jasleen and Sreesanth began arguing as they both wanted to be fed to the snake. Jasleen didn't want Sreesanth to go inside since she felt he will give up or slap others. Sreesanth didn't want to send Jasleen as he felt Megha needed him inside the snake's belly.

Somi Cried Her Heart Out To Dipika

Somi was seen crying and telling Dipika that she feels bad when Romil, Surbhi and Deepak don’t consider her a strong contender and always make all the decisions among themselves without including her. She added that she feels she’s appearing as a weak contestant because the other three say that they must save Somi since she’s weak, but she doesn’t consider herself a weak contestant. Dipika told her that she should talk to them about it and take a stand for herself. She also added that she's not trying to provoke Somi against the Happy Club members.

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