Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 59: Bigg Boss Cancels The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 59: Bigg Boss Cancels The Captaincy Task

I was glued to my phone screen after Deepika and Ranveer's wedding pictures came out. Didn't they just look adorable? But nothing distracts me tuning into Bigg Boss.

This was the first time in the Bigg Boss house that there were two captaincy tasks for the contenders. Romil went up to the housemates, seeking their support during the captaincy task but a lot of them denied him. Shivashish seemed to have more contestants rooting for him.

In case you missed out on why this happened and who finally became the captain, we have the highlights for you! Read on!

Megha Snapped At Romil

In the beginning of the episode, Romil and Megha were seen chatting in the garden area. Romil said that he just jokes around with Megha and doesn’t mean to hurt her when he teases her with her winner tag. Megha told him that her Bigg Boss Marathi winner tag is her pride and she’ll hit back if he tries to hurt her pride. He then asked her who she was supporting for captaincy. She made it clear that she was supporting Shivashish and not him.

Surbhi & Jasleen Wanted Shivashish To Become The Captain

Surbhi was seen discussing captaincy with Rohit. She told him that she saw Romil go up to Megha and try to get her support for the captaincy task. She also told Rohit that she’ll support Shivashish in the captaincy task due to her tiff with Romil. Later, Romil and Megha were seen washing the dishes in the kitchen area. Deepak came up to them and told Romil that he'll know how many friends he's made in the house today. Jasleen walked in and clearly told Romil that she will support Shivashish for captaincy since he’s her friend.

Surbhi Opened Up To Somi

Somi and Surbhi ended up in a tussle while discussing the upcoming captaincy. Somi got up and left and Surbhi started crying. She said that she wanted to leave the Bigg Boss house and go home. Dipika and Megha came to console her but Surbhi walked away. She went up to Somi to talk things out with her. That's when Somi told her that she has been disturbed with Surbhi's fight with Romil. Surbhi tried to justify her actions to Somi and told her why she’s pissed off with Romil. She said to her that it has become a matter of her self-respect now.

The Captaincy Task Was Cancelled By Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task where the contenders, Romil and Shivashish, had to run channels during the task and entertain the housemates. There were going to be three rounds – the first one a chat show to be done by both, the second round was supposed to be a dance off and the third, an Infotainment round in which they would have had to tell why they were better than their opponent. Karanvir Bohra was the sanchalak of the task. Due to fights and the chaos during the first round of the task, Bigg Boss scrapped it.

Bigg Boss Gave A New Task For Captaincy

Dipika read out the rules of the new captaincy task. Two chairs were kept in the garden area for Shiv and Romil. They had to sit on the chairs till one of them got up from the chair and left. The rest of the housemates had to torture the contender who they didn’t wish to see as the captain to make him forfeit. Karanvir was the sanchalak of this task, too.

Romil Became The Captain Of The House

The task began and the housemates began torturing the contenders. Deepak and Sreesanth ran into a huge tussle. Bigg Boss warned the housemates to be careful with the mics and prohibited them from using any form of liquid to torture the contenders. After eggs, garbage, powder and stale dal rice been thrown on their heads, Shivashish finally quit citing health reasons. Romil won the task and became the captain of the house. 

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