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Alia Bhatt's *Happy* Outfit Should Be Your Happy Outfit!

Alia Bhatt's *Happy* Outfit Should Be Your Happy Outfit!

If you're happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

And if you really really really wanna show it, take a cue from our homegirl Alia Bhatt and put on an outfit that screams 'because I'm happy!' at the top of its lungs. We don't know what made Alia Bhatt's mood last night but whatever it was, we hope it'll stick. 

The word is that the Bollywood actress finally has some time on her hands with the shooting for her new film Brahmastra having wrapped up. So, Alia did what any fashion girl would do on a day off. She called her BFFs, planned a girls' night out, and slipped into something that made a roaring statement. 


Image source: Instagram

We're still counting down to the weekend but Alia Bhatt's fun top-pants co-ord set is giving us major day-off feels. Bhatt wore a multicoloured outfit by Staud, a vintage-inspired label from Los Angeles, USA.

Everything about her retro look is on point - the technicolour/rainbow colour scheme, the chic off-shoulder neckline, the '70s style poofy sleeves, and most of all, her choice of accessories. 


Image source: Instagram

Also, the ensemble fit Alia Bhatt like a dream and that, we never take for granted. Us likey!

While the poofy sleeves on the top make a loud statement, the off-shoulder neckline is the dose of 'sexy' Alia Bhatt's outfit needed. Just that little bit - look at those collarbones!


Image source: Instagram

Coming to the best part of the outfit - the Bollywood actress' box clutch. Want!

Alia's carried it plenty of times before so it is evidently one of her favourites...


Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram

... and why wouldn't it be? The Edie Parker box clutch in yellow says 'happy' across the front and is an evergreen fashion piece. 

Now that's what you do when "you're happy and you know it"! 

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