#SecretRevealed: Alia Bhatt Channels Her Healthy Mojo By Sticking To This Morning Routine

#SecretRevealed: Alia Bhatt Channels Her Healthy Mojo By Sticking To This Morning Routine

Ever wondered what celebrities did as soon as they wake up in the morning? Well, up until now, I always thought that actors' morning ritual would be something like Shah Rukh Khan's in Om Shanti Om. Remember how he used to wake up on a large round bed where a servant would slip him his slippers, put on his robe and give him a glass of orange juice followed by a cuppa coffee? Well, it's not the same and as glamorous for everyone.

Recently, Alia Bhatt revealed her morning routine to her fans in one of her Vlogs on YouTube channel. The actress is currently shooting for her father's film Sadak 2 in Ooty.

Before delving into the steps that she follows every morning while on the sets of a movie, the Kalank actress revealed the one thing that she never does when she wakes up. She avoids going on social media and is proud of this habit which she has managed to cultivate over a period of time.

Here is a breakdown of Alia Bhatt's morning ritual

1. Rise & Read!


When on an outdoor shoot, Alia clicks on a phone app named Flipboard to get updates about news related to climate, health, nutrition and relationships. But when the actress is at home, she begins her day by going through the newspaper in the morning to keep herself abreast of the current affairs. Yes, SHE READS A NEWSPAPER EVERY DAY. Apparently, Alia had to really stress on that bit to convince her fans that she does read every day. LOL!

2. Sip Sip Sip!


While reading the newspaper, Alia sips her daily morning drink - a slice of lemon in lukewarm water. Guess that's the secret to her ever-glowing skin! Alia also that revealed earlier she used to have a lot of coffee during the day but has now cut down on caffeine due to some issue.

3. One line A Day


The Dear Zindagi actress told her viewers that she recently purchased a notebook from New York. It's a beautiful notebook with the words 'One Line A Day' written on its cover. Alia makes it a point to write one line about her day into this journal of sorts.

She revealed how she's fond of saving memories like birthday cards and drawings. She even went on to read an excerpt from the diary that she wrote on July 2: "Woke up at 2am, jetlag still persists. Papa comes over at 8, we chat, share and learn. A quote of dream stays. Lunch with mumma and we speak about my future."

Well, won't we like to get a little sneak peek into that diary! *wink*

4. Dialogue Delivery


Alia subsequently revises her dialogues for the day and, as per her, she is usually good at it. However, when she fails to perfect her lines, she gets very angry at herself and has a broody day.

Well, that looks like a productive morning. Aren't you all pumped up about making your own morning schedule as constructive as Alia's?

Featured Image: Instagram

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