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Alia Bhatt Has 'Emerged As A Wonderful Self-Assured Gem', Writes Sharmila Tagore

Alia Bhatt Has 'Emerged As A Wonderful Self-Assured Gem', Writes Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Tagore recently penned a column for Outlook magazine and talked about Alia Bhatt. In the column, she praised Alia,  saying that she is the game-changer in the 21st Century in Bollywood. Sharmila could not stop complimenting Alia in the entire article and said that she had changed the image of a heroine in the industry and is someone who bestrides commercial as well as critical films. The veteran actress thinks that Alia has a great potential to emerge as an actor in the coming years.


rise to conquer ✨🌻

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The Amar Prem actress added, "If there is one aspect of Alia I wish we could all emulate, it's her ability to laugh at herself. It's what makes her truly special and adds to her appeal as an everywoman."

Alia's Bhatt last release, Raazi was a hit, both commercially and critically. But, Sharmila believes that it's not just after Raazi the actress has become a sensation, rather "her journey is commendable as her success is based on her willingness to take risks and deal with subjects that are topical and speak simultaneously to different generations."

Apart from Raazi, Sharmila added Udta Punjab and Highway as some of Alia's best work. She also mentioned that even though Alia did have the added advantage of being a 'star-kid', she soared up high, worked hard and emerged as an actor.


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Sharmila concluded the article by talking about 'nepotism' and the fact that choosing Alia over Priyanka, Deepika and Vidya might be counted as nepotism. But, she also added that's not why she chose her and that, "Alia has gone beyond the crutches of her lineage. Today few people call her Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter or Pooja Bhatt’s sister." 

We agree with Sharmila Tagore. Alia has come far, from the days when she was being trolled for being stupid. We love her enthusiasm, we love her for being a good sport and for being such a great actress. 

She's definitely the game-changer in the B-town!

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