Back In Action Very Soon! We Wish Akshay Kumar A Speedy Recovery After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Back In Action Very Soon! We Wish Akshay Kumar A Speedy Recovery After COVID-19 Diagnosis

For almost a month now, India has been seeing a steady rise in its COVID-19 tally. Just yesterday, the country registered 93,249 new COVID-19 cases, a number that should get all of us really really worried. Last year in March, when the pandemic's first wave had started in the country, the caseload was relatively low. Even in 2021, the second wave of COVID-19 started sometime in late February and we are already nearing the 1 lakh cases per day mark. 


Of course, it is a very critical time for the country. Irrespective of whether we want it or not, certain activities need to be paused right now, movie promotions certainly being one of them. Sadly, Indian's entertainment industry is not ready to listen yet despite so many celebs catching the virus one after the other. Akshay Kumar who has been busy with the shooting of Ram Setu has now tested positive for the virus. 


He took to social media earlier today and shared the same. He wrote "I wish to inform everyone that, earlier this morning, I have tested positive for COVID-19. Following all the protocols, I have immediately isolated myself. I'm under home quarantine and have sought necessary medical care." He further added, "I would sincerely request all those that have come in contact with me to get themselves tested and take care."

It was just a couple of days ago that Alia Bhatt had tested positive for COVID-19. Apart from her, Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were also diagnosed with the virus recently. Clearly, things are not looking pretty and it's high time we take cognisance of the pandemic and stop playing around with the social-distancing rules. 


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Here's wishing Akshay a speedy recovery!

Featured Image: Instagram