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Akshay Kumar & Aranya Johar Talk Periods & We All Need To Hear This!

Akshay Kumar & Aranya Johar Talk Periods & We All Need To Hear This!

Akshay Kumar, the man who is all set to hit the theatres as PadMan just released a slam poetry video about periods alongside the YouTube poetry star, Aranya Johar and he has won all my love! In a country where bleeding is just another reason to hide a woman at home, depriving her of an education, keeping her from achieving her dreams, these powerful words from their poem Bleeding Rani are pearls of wisdom. Women bleed, and it's high time we stop looking down on them for the same. Menstruation is a natural process that leads to reproduction, how difficult is that to understand? If women around the world didn't deal with painful cramps and bleeding every month, the society wouldn't have another generation to raise. 

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The next step is our choice, share this video, show it every person (man or woman) who think your 'time of the month' is a good enough reason to call you weak. Periods are a sign of good health and we need to do away with this illogical sense of humiliation and embarrassment that menstruating young girls and women are subjected to. As Aranya says in the video, "We'll take over the world with a microphone and a maxi pad... Women, let's show the world we can bleed and achieve."