Aishwarya’s Role As Saba In ADHM Is Every Girl To Date

Aishwarya’s Role As Saba In ADHM Is Every Girl To Date

There is no denying the fact that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan remains an epitome of grace and beauty, even all these years! Even when she takes a break from the movies, she is in the news for rocking her baby bump. Basically, she is like a Chanel suit that never goes out of style!  So, on her 43’rd birthday morning, I had some musings which I really wanted to share with you.

Remember Saba from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? The older woman that Ranbir Kapoor’s character, Ayan, has a fling with? The very same one played by Mrs Bachchan in a way that had everyone - from the movie goers to the paparazzi and those in tinseltown talking about how timeless the woman is? Well, turns out Saba was literally one of the most relatable characters of that movie! Don’t you think so/

If you have seen Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, you will know that, even though her role was just a little more than a cameo, she left an indelible mark on us because somewhere deep down we could look at her and say, “that’s me!” While we loved her for her poise and elegance, there was so much more to her character that could have been untapped and made into a lot more, in terms of potential. She was relatable to every girl that out there - age no bar.

While we’ve all been at the receiving end of unrequited love, it’s never easy to take firm decisions to stand by. But, you eventually learn that you have to. You have to give yourself that chance to fall in love again and yet again be able to walk away from anything that is not giving you what you deserve.

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While Saba had the courage to walk away from her first marriage, she never thought it would be uncomfortable to come to see her first lover's work, even though they drifted apart. It looked surreal and absolutely effortless! Moreover, she made it seem so real. The whole concept of friends with an ex is, more often than not, met with a lot of disdain. But, truth be told, sometimes, you do indeed end up staying in touch with an ex - maybe not as the best of friends; but, from a place of familiarity and having shared something together. I do personally feel that when you walk out of something, knowing that you have given it your all and that they didn’t value it enough, you walk out with your head held high and no regrets, whatsoever! And I am happy that I took that decision ever! This was something I realised, in a moment of epiphany, when I saw Saba handle her emotions and her past relationship with her ex-husband the way that she did in ADHM. It was like looking into a mirror. And I know I’m not alone here!

Being in love, falling out of it, fooling around and being in love again - It’s all a process that keeps happening in everyone’s life and, just like Saba, I have learnt to embrace it. I have learnt that over the years, no matter what happens, the show must go on. People may come and go and sometimes you may not even have control over who stays, but it’s just how it’s supposed to be and you learn to deal with it - each time, better than before. It’s easy to fall in love and it’s never under your control but walking out of it is absolutely under your control. So, ladies, here is me embracing the mess that I had been and saying that it’s okay! Eventually you’ll know what to do until then, enjoy the little uncertainties!

Wishing you a very happy birthday Aishwarya and thank you for giving life to Saba and, thereby, a voice to every girl’s mess of a broken heart.