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What The F*ck: Aishwarya Rai Gets Trolled For Holding Daughter Aaradhya's Hand

What The F*ck: Aishwarya Rai Gets Trolled For Holding Daughter Aaradhya's Hand

Celebrity moms have often been at the receiving end of trolls. The latest victim of the same is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. A picture of the actress holding her eight-year-old daughter Aaradhya's hand went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. The Bachchans went out for a family dinner, and some social media users criticised Aishwarya for holding Aaradhya's hand.




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They mercilessly trolled Aishwarya for being an overprotective mother and a few even said that she is snatching away her little one’s confidence. Some netizens advised Ash to 'cut the umbilical cord', while others even suggested that Aaradhya was not a normal child. 

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When will mother-shaming stop? Haven’t we all heard the world blaming and shaming moms for the choices they make for their kids? And this is not the first time that Aishwarya has been shamed on social media for mollycoddling her daughter. Not long ago, the actress was brutally trolled for giving her daughter a peck on the lips when she shared an adorable picture to commemorate Mother's Day. Some, in fact, had the audacity to deem this as 'sexual abuse'.

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However, Ash gave a befitting reply to all her haters out there: "I react (when cameras come too close). If my arm is around Aaradhya, people will say the mother is very clingy. I hear all this when it is already a couple of days later so it is kind of over. I don’t let it define me. I don’t change how I take care of Aaradhya or how I define myself based on all of this. Judge me for it but I will love her, embrace her. She is my daughter."

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She further stated, "If I see photographers are walking backwards or tripping and falling on to other passengers, it can get chaotic. I will be protective to Aaradhya as a mother and I will be empathetic to others who are being inconvenienced. I will not say I am all for paparazzi culture but I feel bad for the photographers. These are faces you have seen for years and they need the picture, it is their livelihood. I know they will do it."

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Celebrity kids grow up in the public eye, which often subjects them to vicious online trolling. Aishwarya is known to be a doting mother to her daughter Aaradhya. Judging her, or her daughter, for anything she does is nobody's business. She shouldn't need to justify for being by her daughter's side. Period.

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