Got Red Hair? Here's A Guide To Getting Your Makeup Right Feat. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Got Red Hair? Here's A Guide To Getting Your Makeup Right Feat. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's look in her upcoming flick Fanney Khan is definitely a fresh one. I especially can't get over her flaming red hair. While she has always had tones of burgundy along with chestnut in her hair usually, this red is OUT THERE. This reminds me of the time in college when I had red highlights too. It was a goth phase and I had actually gotten my bangs coloured red and then had streaks all through my hair. Nope, those pictures have been wiped off and will NEVER be out there for anyone to see. Anyway, during that time I just OD'd on kohl and then left it to nature. I spoke to a colleague and she also had a red hair phase at around the same time, she also used JUST kohl. 

Now, I don't have red hair nor does she, but we are equipped with some tips and tricks anyway. These, inspired by ARB's glorious being. Let's get into it, shall we?

1. Know your colour

Okay, this needs your genuine attention. As we know all colours have a wide spectrum, so you need to understand where you fall on that scale. Are there more copper tones, is it truer red or is it a darker cheery hue. Not just that, but also see where your highlights fall, or if you have a global colour. Knowing your colour is literally half the battle won!

2. Colour Palette

Red hair has no limitations when it comes to colour, but here's what I've understood. This colour warms up your face without the makeup, so you don't need to add heavy warmer tones but still play around in that colour wheel. Tones of purple, brown, mauves work beautifully if you just want to complement the warmth. Then you can look at green and bronze to play up the warmth. 

3. Brows

Okay, so your brow colour takes precedence over everything on your face. Any colour on your hair brings the attention to your brows. If you have highlights then you can stick to a dark brown brow product, just a little lighter than black and if you have global hair colour, then you'd need to lighten your product a little more. 

4. Blush, Brows & Lips

Like I said in the previous point, the focus points on your face change when your hair colour changes. So, you need to focus on adding colour to your cheeks, subtle enough to give you a flushed look but not overpower your hair; then come to your brows and finally, of course, your lip colour.

5. Eye makeup

Again, the colour scheme that you'd best stick to would be mauves and browns. They would highlight your eyes without warring with the red in your hair. Invest in a mauve smokey eye palette and you should be covered for any and every look that you'd like to do. For an ultra-glam vibe, just stock up on gold based shadows and eyeliners. They work best with warmer tones in the hair. 

6. Lip colours

THERE IS NO LIMIT! Seriously, take a cue from ARB here. She is wearing a bright Red Vermillion shade and rocking her red hair. If you're looking for a subtle look a nude or peach gloss would work best. And if you're looking at a matte formula then definitely stick to the brown family, the peach might wash you out. 

Well, there you have it. Now go flaunt your red hair! But before you do that, here are a few products we recommend you look at!

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