Aishwarya Got A Song In Fanney Khan Changed Because Of Its Lyrics & We Need More Of Her!

Aishwarya Got A Song In Fanney Khan Changed Because Of Its Lyrics & We Need More Of Her!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a true charmer in Bollywood. Her next movie, Fanney Khan, has been in news ever since Aishwarya’s first look from the movie came out. It is now at the final shooting stage, with only one song left to shoot.

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The last song from Fanney Khan was being shot in Mumbai’s Filmistan studios two days back. It was an item number featuring the glamourous avatar of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. However, when the actor heard the lyrics of the song, she changed her mind and asked the director and the producers of Fanney Khan to get the lyrics edited. Later she insisted that the song must be replaced by a decent one, to which the producers obliged. In the news shared by a source with Pinkvilla, the source revealed, “The earlier song had raunchy lyrics. Aishwarya didn’t appreciate that and asked the director and the producer to replace the song. The song was on the lines of ‘Fevicol Se’ and Aishwarya was uncomfortable to dance on it. The makers of the movie, immediately obliged and a new song was taken in the film. The new song’s lyrics are somewhat like - Halka Halka Sa Khumar Hai.”  

The actor was also miffed with the way song was being filmed. The source also revealed to the publication, “The choreographer and the director aren’t on the same page and the two-day shoot of the song didn't come out well. Aishwarya too wasn’t happy with it and finally expressed her displeasure on it. With the leading lady being upset, the makers weren’t left with much of a choice. They have now decided to do some rehearsals and the shoot for it again in a day or two.”   

Well, we do wish more A-list actors like Aishwarya to take the responsibility of their work so we can see fewer women being objectified. More power to you Aish!

Image Source: Instagram