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#AmeeronKiShaadi: After John Legend, Beyoncé To Perform At Isha Ambani's Sangeet

#AmeeronKiShaadi: After John Legend, Beyoncé To Perform At Isha Ambani's Sangeet

Isha Ambani's engagement at Lake Como was exactly the stuff of our dreams. From the luxurious destination and hotel to firecrackers and lights sparkling the sky to having a hologram of the bride and groom on a building, it was so extra! The ring ceremony venue was designed by Dolce & Gabanna and John freakin' Legend performed 'All of Me' for the couple, but I guess if your last name is Ambani close to anything is possible at the snap of a finger.

But after such a grand engagement, how do you top that for your eklauti beti ki shaadi?! Don't worry, Daddy Ambani has everything sorted. This time around guess who is performing at Isha Ambani and Anand Parimal's sangeet? It's Beyoncé! 


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Yup, Queen Bey is performing at the Ambani sangeet. Wait... *deep breaths in 3...2...1...* let that news sink in.

According to sources Isha is a huge fan of Beyoncé and is very excited to have her in Udaipur for her big day. But one thing is for sure, the bride won't fully be able to enjoy Single Ladies cause Anand liked it and put a ring on it too!


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This is going to be the first Indian wedding the Qween herself is going to perform at. So Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, step aside cause the Goddess is here. Well, what are we saying, the whole of Bollywood did a flash mob dance on Akash Ambani's engagement! Do you feel poor yet? Cause I sure as hell do! *cries internally*

Wedding guests invited to this epic night, we'll sure as hell be stalking your Insta profiles for videos of Bee performing live for y'all, while we are wrapped in a blanket in bed. Poverty, thou art unfair! 

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