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‘My FAV Moment From My Wedding Was…’ 7 Brides Share!

‘My FAV Moment From My Wedding Was…’ 7 Brides Share!

Every bride spends months (if not years) choosing the right dress, picking out the perfect venue, hiring the best artists, photographers and the list goes on. Along with these to-do lists, there are some emotional moments that are too close to a bride’s heart as well - a token of appreciation from her in-laws, the joy of opening her wedding presents and, of course, the look on her husband’s face when she walks down the aisle. Here are some Whisper confessions from brides who are sharing their stories about what made their wedding day truly special.

1. Haha! That’s SO cool.

1 adorable moments brides had

2. You sure wanna know what your best friends have got for you!

2 adorable moments brides had

3. Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding dress!

3 adorable moments brides had

4. That’s just adorable!

4 adorable moments brides had

5.  A compliment from your MIL is worth a LOT! *Wink*

5 adorable moments brides had

6. You’re definitely lucky! *Heart*

6 adorable moments brides had

7. And that’s what ‘happily ever after’ feels like…  

7 adorable moments brides had You can read the full thread here on Whisper. These brides truly had memories to cherish for lifetime! Images: Whisper
Published on Mar 22, 2017
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