The Heartwarming Love Story Of An Acid Attack Survivor Is Proof That True Love Exists!

The Heartwarming Love Story Of An Acid Attack Survivor Is Proof That True Love Exists!

If you are amongst a few who are still cynical about love, then the story of Saroj Sahoo and Pramodini Roul will reclaim your faith in it.

Pramodini Roul, AKA Rani, suffered an acid attack at the tender age of 15. Her scorned admirer, who was a paramilitary soldier, threw acid on her face because she had rejected his marriage proposal. The attack left her blind along with life-altering facial burns.

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Rani had been undergoing various surgeries for the last few years. It was during one of her treatments that she met Saroj Kumar Sahoo, a friend of her nurse. He would always see her along with her mother but had never spoken to her. But there were little things that he did that made all the difference... He would take her for physiotherapy and help her deal with depression too.

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He even left his job so that he could be with her (Rani) and boost her morale. With time and effort, Rani’s health improved and it was during this phase that their relationship grew deeper. While Rani was initially hesitant, she couldn't refuse when he proposed to her for marriage. Rani told Dailymail, “I feel very lucky to have him. He is very understanding and is always there for me. It always feels good to be loved and be assured of having a partner who loves and recognizes the goodness in you.”

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Saroj and Rani have been living together for a year now and plan to get married soon. Rani is yet to undergo few more reconstructive surgeries and is delighted to have a reason to live again. She said, “Saroj really treats me like a queen. He loves me like the way I am. He always encourages me to live life happily.”

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Although Rani’s culprit roams free, we’re happy to know that she is all set to start a new life with her lover and to-be husband. We wish you a happily ever after Rani and Saroj!

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