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Abhishek Bachchan Opens Up About Getting Slapped By A Woman Outside A Cinema Hall

Abhishek Bachchan Opens Up About Getting Slapped By A Woman Outside A Cinema Hall

Since the release of his latest movie Manmarziyaan, Abhishek Bachchan has been vocal about his success and failure in Bollywood and the pressure that comes with his family name. He has been positively sharing his experience in the film industry and his love-hate relationship with his fans. The Bol Bachchan actor has also spoken about taking a step back and thinking about what kind of films he wants to do in the future as he wishes to do more as an actor. 

In a conversation at Jagran Film Summit, Junior Bachchan also spoke about the tough times he's been through as an actor and he specifically shared an incident that shocked him to the core. Abhishek was slapped by a woman outside a cinema hall during the screening of his film Shararat in 2002. 

He said, "It was a tough time. I had once gone to Gaiety Galaxy to see how my film (Shararat) was doing; a lady came out and slapped me and said you're embarrassing your family's name, stop acting. Thankfully, I'm able to laugh about it today, but at that point, it was not a very good feeling."

Not just that, Junior AB has also been smartly handling the bullies and the know-it-alls of the Twitter world. After Manmarziyaan, many praised Abhishek Bachchan's potential as an actor but the others didn't appreciate his skills. Recently, a user made a sarcastic comment on Abhishek's acting in the film, saying star kids to start opening their vada pav stalls, to which the actor's reply was smart and poised. 

Well, Abhishek may have calmly handled the situation on Twitter, but let's be more responsible and not make comments and attack celebrities, their families or their careers. Guys, their business is their business and everyone should respect it. 

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