Abhinav Shukla Gets Candid About Falling In Love With Rubina & We're Melting!

Abhinav Shukla Gets Candid About Falling In Love With Rubina & We're Melting!

Throughout Bigg Boss 14, there were plenty of times when viewers heard Rubina Dilaik getting candid about her relationship with Abhinav Shukla. From revealing all the problems in her marriage to talking about the time when she proposed to him, the BB 14 winner had bared it all. While Abhinav chimed in frequently in those conversations, his fans wanted to know more. And recently, the actor shared all the deets about his love story as well as his BB journey candidly like never before.

In an interview with a leading daily recently, Rubina confessed that she realised that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Abhinav quite early. She said, "I think we were a few months into dating and I was the first one to express that I have this longing to spend my life with him. That is when I proposed to him, on January 1, that I would want to grow old with him. It was me who actually had this feeling that I am in love with him and I want to express it."


While Rubina fell in love with her husband hard and fast, Abhinav took his own sweet time. He explained that he did not wish to rush into things and waited for his feelings to develop gradually. He said, "I don’t remember any dates but for me it was very gradual. There was nothing abrupt and I intentionally wanted to let it be very organic."

Now, of course, #Rubinav fans would want to know if there was a grand proposal before their marriage, but as it turns out, there wasn't! Abhinav explained that he was never influenced by movies and wished to keep things organic. He said, "So I was not influenced by Hollywood, that you have to go down on your knee with a ring in your hand and propose. I wanted everything between us to be organic, as honest as possible, and for it to flow its natural course, which is what happened. So, for me, it was gradual liking and the love developed very gradually."


Not just that, Abhinav had quite an impressive take on trolls and about his journey on Bigg Boss 14 as well. The Aksar 2 actor explained that the reality show was mostly about handling humiliation and coming out stronger. He said, "It’s actually a show about how well you handle humiliation, and I have handled it so well that any sort of trolling or negative comments don’t affect me. I know it’s a cliche but I have literally learnt how to look at the brighter side of life."

He added that his journey also helped him deal with online trolls more efficiently. He said, "People have an opinion, they can write it down, you have the option to read it or not to read it. And you have the option of getting affected by it or not getting affected by it. We were honest on the show. Whatever happened, it was right in front of the public. It’s up to them to judge us because we have given them that right. But yes, I handle trolling or any sort of negative comments very well now."

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That's some advise, Abhinav!

And seriously, cannot wait to see #Rubinav's sizzling chemistry on screen soon.

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