#TimeToFightBack: A Woman Almost Chops Off The Male Parts Of Her Rapist

#TimeToFightBack: A Woman Almost Chops Off The Male Parts Of Her Rapist

Gone are the days when women kept mum and accepted abuse from sexually starved men. Today, they fight back with full power! On Tuesday evening, a shocking incident took place at Basrehar in Uttar Pradesh. A woman was on the verge of chopping off the genitals of a man after he pushed himself on her and allegedly tried to rape the victim.

Apparently, according to Station House Officer (SHO) of Basrehar in Etawah, Vikas Divakar, the accused rapist is no stranger to the woman. In fact, he’s a close relative of hers! On Tuesday night, at around 1 am, he entered her house. After noticing that she was alone, he tried to rape her. Fortunately, his wicked action backfired on him! The woman got ahold of a kitchen knife and inflicted multiple wounds on the accused.

Wait for it, the story gets better! She later tied the man to an electric pole and repeatedly stabbed his genitals. Divakar stated that she informed the police by dialling 100. The man is currently arrested, hospitalised and treated at RIMS Saifai. A case has already been registered against the accused on the woman’s complaint.

Remember ladies, if at all, you’re caught off guard in an ugly situation that’s similar to this one at home, use any of these household items as self-defence tools to fight and protect yourself. All the best!

Ballpoint Pen - The ballpoint of a pen can be used to damage the soft tissue of the throat, eyes and under the jawline. If you’re unable to aim for the face, use the ballpoint to stab the attacker’s groin area. 

Broomstick - Ram the end of the broomstick into the neck or eyes of the attacker. Then proceed to aim for the knees, neck, hands and chest area.

Scissors, Glass Bottles, Knives - These objects are bound to be lying around in your kitchen. Knives, scissor blades and glass bottle shards can cause serious injury to the attacker.

House Keys - Hold your set of keys in such a way that their points pop out between the fingers of your fist. Then punch your attacker on his cheeks, eyes and throat area.

Belt - The buckle of the belt is your golden ticket to safety. Target the face and neck area.

Hot Liquid - To buy yourself some time, throw hot boiling water or coffee into the attacker’s eyes and quickly make a run for it and call for help.

Your Mobile Phone - Just how you would hold a knife to stab someone, hold your smartphone the same way. Aim for vulnerable parts of the body like the eyes, neck and nose.

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