'Glass Hair' Is Every Celeb's Favourite Trend At The Moment!

'Glass Hair' Is Every Celeb's Favourite Trend At The Moment!

Not too long ago, K-beauty's "glass skin" was a rage. Today, a trend called "glass hair" has taken the beauty world by storm! Give it a couple of more days and you'll see almost EVERY celebrity on IG flaunting it like it's hot! FYI, it has got nothing to do with actual glass. However, the blunt, sleek bob cut resembles the glossy, polished and smooth texture of glass. If you've been keeping up with the Kardashians, you'll realise how big of a trend this already is. Feast your eyes, ladies! 

When Kim K and Kylie J take twinning to a whole new level!


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Bella Hadid is the next diva to jump on the bandwagon!


Poison ivy 🍃 we WENT for it tonight ☘️🐲🐸🔋

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Pretty Little Liars babe, Lucy Hales, slays it with her blunt bob and metallic green lids. 


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Look at that sheen though! (Bieber is one lucky guy to have this beauty by his side.)

Maybe not a blunt bob, but a shiny lob for sure. You go, PeeCee!

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