Success Story: A Tea Seller’s Daughter Gets A Scholarship Worth 3.8 Crores In A Top US College

Success Story: A Tea Seller’s Daughter Gets A Scholarship Worth 3.8 Crores In A Top US College

Who says dreams don't come true? If you dare to dream big, there's nothing stopping you from achieving them. 

Meet Sudeeksha Bhati, daughter of a tea seller, who recently was awarded a 100% scholarship (worth Rupees 3.8 crores) for a 4-year undergraduate program in Babson College – on of the top colleges in the USA.


Sudeeksha's father's annual income is 72,000 Rupees but that didn't stop her from diligently working towards her goal and aiming high.

She scored 98% in her CBSE Board Examinations and has topped her district. And now her dreams of studying in the United States have seen the light of day.

Sudeeksha has been associated with the Voice of Women initiative wherein she educations families to send their daughters to school and also to fight eve-teasing.

In an interview with Times Now, she shared her motivational journey from Bulandshahr to Babson College.

Her biggest challenge

On being asked about her biggest challenges, she said, "Initially, lack of money to support my education was the biggest problem. Another serious challenge was to overcome the prejudices of my family and community."

Her family's reaction

"My family was really relieved that I was able to achieve my dreams. Though my father was little apprehensive to send me to a different world altogether, my mother was simply satisfied that her prayers had been answered."

This is why she opted for a University in the USA and not in India

"When I went to the United States for the first time, I learned about the flexible, field-based and hands-on-learning curriculum of USA universities. I decided to study in the States after 12th right then. In addition, I consider myself a global citizen and am keen on learning about different cultures, people, and places. I am a true patriot and love my country but my education in the USA will help me improve myself holistically and allow me to network effectively to excel in the professional world."

Tips to crack a scholarship in the USA

"USA colleges evaluate an application holistically; they look for academic excellence, leadership roles, community involvement, extra-curricular activities, English proficiency and standardized tests. Admission committee read a set of essays demonstrating your intellect and persona."

Source: Times Now and NDTV