A.R. Rahman Tells Us About Completing 25 Years In Bollywood & His Musical Journey

A.R. Rahman Tells Us About Completing 25 Years In Bollywood & His Musical Journey

There’s no denying that A.R. Rahman is one of the best music composers in the country. Each number he releases, success is bound to follow. After all, he’s received more than 190 awards and sold more than 150 copies of his work! In a nutshell, his music is gold. ‘Jai Ho’, ‘Dil Se Re’, ‘Tere Bina’, ‘The Humma Song’ are some of my personal favourites. If you’re a fan of his music too, then you certainly must have heard about his massive national tour ‘Encour’ with MTV! Celebrating 25 years in the music space and spreading joy and happiness across four major cities like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai and now New Delhi on the 23rd of this month, I feel that you shouldn’t miss his concert for the world!

Now for the exciting part! We were fortunate enough to do a quick interview session with A.R. Rahman at the Trident Hotel, Mumbai. He’s a gem of a person to interact with and our time with him was indeed magical. Shall we begin then? Awesome! Let’s go.

1. It’s been 25 years. Between your first break in the industry and now, what has changed?

A.R. Rahman: It’s been 25 years and the change in me is I’m married now, I’ve got three kids, I’ve got a few grey hair here (points to them) and I’m the same. *chuckles*

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2. What are some of your most favourites over the years from your compositions? Which ones do you personally listen to?

A.R. Rahman: I listen to the ones who are rehearsing for the next concert. These 45 songs we’re performing tomorrow in Mumbai are my favourites now.

3. Tell us about your concert tour and what can fans expect out of it?

A.R. Rahman: This tour is about driving through all the memories you’ve experienced. The time when you were born, when you fell in love, when you graduated, when you got your job and if you’re listening to any of these songs, what you felt is like trying to go down the memory lane again.

4. What are the top 5 songs on your playlist right now?

A.R. Rahman: The top 5 songs? Hmm… I don’t have a playlist at all. However, I listen to Apple music and jazz.

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5. Do you have any NY resolutions for 2018?

A.R. Rahman: Not yet. I will be preparing it next week.

6. Can you describe 2017 in 3 words?

A.R. Rahman: Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

And before we sign off, do you know what else is amazing? Getting a picture of him, of course. Cheggit out!

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