After Spider-Woman, A New She-Hulk Series Is In The Works & We Can Wait To Watch It!

After Spider-Woman, A New She-Hulk Series Is In The Works & We Can Wait To Watch It!

A few months ago, news broke out that Marvel studious is giving us a new superhero--the female version of your friendly neighbourhood spiderman. It definitely got us excited, especially when we heard that it is going to be helmed by a female-director too--Olivia Wilde. It seems like Marvel is the gift that keeps on giving, because the studio has confirmed that a She-Hulk series is in the works, and they have just named their lead star!

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The character of She-Hulk, called  Jennifer Walters, was created by Stan Lee, the late creative leader of Marvel. She is the cousin of the actual Hulk aka Bruce Banner, and is an attorney by profession. She gains her powers after she receives a blood transfusion from Bruce. The most interesting part about her character is that while Bruce couldn’t control his mind when he transformed into Hulk, Jennifer can.

Marvel recently announced that Canadian actor Tatiana Maslany will be portraying the iconic character. She is known for her role in Canadian TV series Orphan Black.

Last night, Hulk star Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter to welcome Tatiana to the marvel family. “Welcome to the family, cuz! @tatianamaslany #SheHulk,” he wrote. The pilot along with a few more episodes are set to be directed by Kat Coiro. Yay for another female director and female superhero team-up!

The series will be released for streaming on OTT platform Disney+. However, no release date has been announced yet. 

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Now more on our new superhero: Tatiana was nominated for three Emmys and a Golden Globe for Orphan Black and won the Emmy for best actress in a drama series in 2016. She will be yet another female actor to helm a superhero series in the Marvel universe--others include Brie Larson in Captain America and Scarlet Johansson in Black Widow. 

As much as we appreciate Marvel for giving us more female superheroes, how about we create new ones with their own identity instead of creating 'female' versions of popular male superheroes? Just some food for thought.

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Rest assured, we'll definitely be binge-watching the hell out of She-Hulk!

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