What Is Product Pilling And How Can You Stop It From Ruining Your Makeup?

What Is Product Pilling And How Can You Stop It From Ruining Your Makeup?

One of the weirdest beauty phenomenons is 'product pilling'. You may be unfamiliar with the term, but surely you may have already experienced it. Basically, it's those tiny balls gather your skin after you've finished your skincare and makeup routine. It's annoying because it messes with your makeup look and you're left with no choice but to remove it all and start all over again. Let's learn more about it. 

How Does Product Piling Happen?


There are three possible reasons why product pilling happens--over-layering of products, product formulas that don't agree with each other and lastly, a product that contains silicone. Speaking of the latter, silicone does not get absorbed into the skin, but remains on the surface of it. This messes with the other product formulas and results in product pilling. 

Another reason for product piling is a product's gel-like texture. Gel-based products take time to get absorbed into the skin and if don't wait it out, the next product you apply on your skin will interfere with previous product's formula. It's almost the same case with SPF. SPF is usually the last step of your skincare routine and is an important product for your skin as it protects it from sun damage. Since sunscreen stays put on the skin, applying makeup on top of it can repel the product and ruin the makeup look. Not to mention that it also makes the skin look super shiny and uneven. 

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How Do You Stop Product Pilling?


By being mindful of your actions, of course! First, avoid using too many silicone-based products. Secondly, after applying a skincare product, don't apply the next one immediately. Wait for 15-20 seconds. This will give the first product a chance to do its job and get absorbed into the skin. Make sure that you're exfoliating often so that dead skin cells are removed and the product can penetrate better into the skin. Finally, when it comes to makeup application, avoid using your fingers or makeup brushes to apply makeup. Use a beauty sponge instead. The beauty sponge will not cause product piling because it presses the product into the skin rather than leaving it on the skin's surface to air-dry.

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Now that you know what product pilling is and how to prevent it from ruining your makeup look, hopefully you'll never spot those annoying balls of product ever again! The same rule applies to layering of skincare products as well. We hope this helped!

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