A Fan Asked Alia If She'll Continue To Work After Marriage And Her Answer Surprised Us!

A Fan Asked Alia If She'll Continue To Work After Marriage And Her Answer Surprised Us!

Duniya kahan ki khahan pohonch gayi, and we are somehow still stuck in that age-old battle of whether women should work after marriage or not. What's the need to even ask this question is beyond me. During an 'Ask Me Anything' interaction with her fans, Alia Bhatt was asked if she will 'give up acting' post marriage. Arey bhai, kyun? But well, Alia knows how to deal with stuff like this and her response just nailed it:


She said:

"There's no need to give up anything but your status. I shall act and act as long as I can."

Yaaas, you go Alia! And given the fact that you are an amazing actress, you not giving up acting ever is a bigger gift to Bollywood buffs (like me) than anything else.


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Alia is currently dating Ranbir Kapoor and they seem to be getting along really well with each other's families too. They have been spotted enjoying lunches and dinners with each other's fams a lot of times. I have a feeling that these two cuties will get married soon too (fingers crossed!).

Ranbir's mommy dearest, Neetu is quite fond of Alia. She makes it a point to comment and like every picture that Alia posts on Instagram. They have been seen bonding on a lot of occasions too. And hey, here's something interesting. Once during an interview when Neetu was asked about what kind of girl would make a suitable wife for her darling by, she had said:

"Someone who will understand how simple he is. That he is a daal chawal sort of boy, that he is not very high maintenance and will not really appreciate having a high maintenance wife."

Ooh, okay then, here comes the interesting part. When asked this question in the same fan session, here's what Alia had to say:


Dal chawal types, eh Aalu? Well well, we're really hoping that these two 'dal chawal kinda people' take the next step in their relationship soon!

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