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Real Hero: A Cab Driver Waited With A Woman Rider At 2AM To Ensure She Gets Home Safely

Real Hero: A Cab Driver Waited With A Woman Rider At 2AM To Ensure She Gets Home Safely

We live in a country where women don't feel safe when they step out of their houses at night. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (2016), rape accounts for about 12% of all crimes against women with Sikkim and Delhi having the highest rates. In fact, all crimes against women saw an increase of 26% in 2016.

This piece of news is a positive break from all that. This is the story of a woman who took a cab at 2 AM and was fortunate enough to get a cab driver who understood the importance of women safety. He understood that everyone has a part to play, especially in the crime-filled scenario plaguing the capital.


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Shilpa Tandon from Gurgaon recalls (on LinkedIn) a cab ride that changed her life for the good. She had to rush to her friend's aide in the middle of the night and, however skeptical, decided to book an Ola right away. When she reached her friend's PG, she had to wait outside as it took the security guard some time to open the gate and let her in. Her cab driver insisted on waiting with her until she was safely inside the house. He didn't think about keeping his next booking waiting and didn't accept any extra waiting charges from Shilpa either. 

Here's what she posted on the platform:


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It restores our of faith in humanity...

Soon happy comments filled the post. One user wrote:


Another one commented:


Shilpa also responded to one of the comments asking her why she only posts about delivery boys and cab drivers, "This is not about anyone specific, this is only to spread positivity from real-life situations. Negative spreads like wildfire, I am trying the same for the good things happening around us."

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