Breaking Down The Kapoor-Jain Family Tree So You Can Fully Enjoy Armaan Jain's Shaadi Pics

Breaking Down The Kapoor-Jain Family Tree So You Can Fully Enjoy Armaan Jain's Shaadi Pics

Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know that a grand wedding is happening in B-Town. We all have been looking at pictures of Lolo and Bebo dancing the night away as the prettiest baraatis. And little Tim posing in a cool blue sherwani. Kareena and Karisma Kapoor's cousin, Armaan Jain, tied the knot with Anissa Malhotra last night and we saw all the members of Kapoor khandan at the shaadi. Now, you may not be the only one wondering--kaun hain yeh baraati? We feel you because this Bolly family's ancestry and lineage couldn't be justified by a mere family tree, it needs a whole forest. And we did it, guys! We figured it out, and not just the Kapoor fam, but all of Kapoor-Jain-Malhotra connection. All thanks to those blood relations reasoning questions and answers that we practised for competitive exams?  

So let's get started with breaking down this illustrious family, their rishtedaars and how are they related to the couple.

P.S: Guys, if you don't believe us, here's proof that we did research to figure out the fam!


Raj Kapoor's Family

Okay, then! So, Raj Kapoor married Krishna Kapoor and the couple had five kids: Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor, Ritu Nanda and Rima Jain. Rima got married to Manoj Jain and the Jains have two sons, Armaan (the one who got married last night) and Aadar Jain. Let's now go back to Krishna Kapoor, who has a brother called Prem Nath (more on this later). 

Lolo & Bebo

Now, Randhir Kapoor has two daughters and we all know them-- Kareena and Karisma Kapoor. Armaan is Kareena and Karisma's bua ka beta, they are first cousins. 

Ranbir Kapoor & Riddhima Sahani


While the cousins had a total dhamaal during the shaadi, there were a few who missed it and we are wondering why. Ranbir, who is also Armaan's first cousin and the two are often spotted partying and chilling together, was apparently not a part of the wedding celebrations. Well, we haven't seen him in any picture at all. 

Riddhima Sahani, who is Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor's daughter also was absent from Armaan's wedding. While Rishi was in Delhi last night as he isn't keeping well, we are wondering if that could be the reason why Ranbir and Riddhima missed their first cousin's shaadi.


The Mystery Woman

We also spotted this pretty lady in the baraat and kept wondering who she is. Turns out, Akanksha Malhotra, whom we saw in multiple pictures with the dulha and dulhan is Prem Nath's daughter. Remember we told you Krishna Kapoor, Raj Kapoor's wife had a brother? Turns out Akanksha is Armaan's maasi (aunt). 


Huh! Yeh Khandan thoda aur bada hota toh Sooraj Barjatya would've made on a film on them!

Featured Image: Instagram

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