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8 Dungarees That'll Make You Text 'New Style, Who Dis' To Your Sundresses

The next time you’re out, look around and try to count the number of women who have anything on except sundresses and skirts. While sundresses are an essential, you’re bound to end up feeling invisible thanks to every other girl that is wearing them. Take a break from the standard summer go-tos and pump some new life into your wardrobe that also helps you beat the heat.

Remember dungarees? This 90s clothing item was the signature cool-kid piece and for good reason. It’s time to warm up to dungarees again because they’re back with a vengeance. From Bollywood’s best to social media ‘it’ girls, this fashion piece is everywhere.

While denim dungarees are a classic, it’s worth taking a look at new-and-improved versions of the dungaree worn by Bollywood. While Kangana works the classic dungarees effortlessly...

kangana dungarees to refresh wardrobe

...we do love Alia’s sweat-friendly cotton pair.

alia dungarees to refresh wardrobe

… and also Bollywood diva Jacqueline’s statement dungarees! The print is to die for, isn’t it?

jacqueline dungarees to refresh wardrobe

Thank God for all the options! From corduroy to velvet, here’s a round-up of cool modern dungarees that you should add to your wardrobe ASAP:

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Published on Jun 30, 2018
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