Ooh La La: 9 Sultry Lipstick Shades To Make You Feel Oh So Sexy!

Ooh La La: 9 Sultry Lipstick Shades To Make You Feel Oh So Sexy!

Lip colours are definitely the one product that has the power to turn your look and your day around. Have you ever noticed there are days when you're feeling particularly blah and then you'd throw on a bright lip and suddenly it doesn't seem as bad anymore? Since lipsticks have the power to completely lift up a drab outfit and turn a bad day around, I say we make most of them as a visual aphrodisiac. There are just some shades in a woman's makeup kit that are the sultry shades. These are the lip colours that make you look and feel more sexy and feminine. While ideally, all lipsticks should definitely make you feel amazing, we are narrowing it down to a few shades that really sex it up. Shall we?

1. True Red

1 mac satin red lipstick sexy hot sultryy

Red is every girl's top pick when it comes to looking sexy. There's just some power in that colour. While most reds would do the job, I think a true bright red would be the right choice for this situation. 

 Rs 1,500; Buy it here

2. Magenta Pink

2 magenta pink clinique lipstick

Darker tones of pink always work to give you a sexy pout. Pink is a versatile colour family with shades ranging from cute to sexy.

Rs 1,650; Buy it here

3. Wine Purple

3 wine purple maybelline lip colour sexy

This has recently made it to my list of sexy shades (let's just call it that shall we?). Wine and berry tones have now made their way into our makeup kits. Wine purple definitely feels powerful and feminine. 

Rs 325; Buy it here

4. Mocha Brown

4 mocha brown nykaa so matte lipstick

Something about chocolate drives you crazy. Why shouldn't that work in a lip shade as well?

Rs 399; Buy it here

5. Nude

5 nude lip colour nyx

This muted shade has a way of making your lips look fuller. Dab some highlighter in the middle of your lip with this nude lippie and your pout will totally look super sultry.

Rs 625; Buy it here

6. Oxblood

6 oxblood faces lipstick

Though technically this shade would be a part of the red family, there is an almost black tone to this. I think this shade would be a Disney villain if it were a person and those villains would be super hot!

Rs 599; Buy it here

7. Rust Orange

7 rust orange peach carnation lakme argan oil lip colour absolute

This shade of orange gives off a very subtly sexy vibe. 

Rs 640; Buy it here

8. Bronze

8 bronze lip colour l a girl

Metal always has a way to look great on the Indian skin tone. Metallic tones have a way of amping up a look.

Rs 675; Buy it here

9. Gloss

9 gloss essence

Okay, this isn't technically a colour, but a glossy pout almost always ends up looking super pillowy. This definitely would make any lip colour look sexy!

Rs 137; Buy it here

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