Footwear Faux Pas 101: 9 Bollywood Celebs That Effed Up With Their Shoe Choices!

Footwear Faux Pas 101: 9 Bollywood Celebs That Effed Up With Their Shoe Choices!

How much attention do you pay to your shoes when you’re planning your next outfit? If you don’t give it much thought and just slip into your favourite black flats, you’re risking letting your whole outfit down. And if you do, do you know how to pair your shoes with your look? Even though your shoes are the smallest component of a look, they can either make or break it. Yes, they are that important.

If you’ve committed a footwear faux pas, don’t be appalled. It’s alright. Happens to the best of us… and I’m not just saying it. It happens to the best-dressed Indian celebs, including Bollywood biggies, too. You’d be surprised. From Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt (I know!), these famous Indian stars totally missed the mark with their weird shoe pairings:

1. Alia Bhatt

1 Alia Bhat Footwear Faux Pas

Who would’ve thought Alia Bhatt would ever be a part of this list. The usually on-point Bollywood celeb makes stellar fashion choices. However, in this image, Miss Bhatt picked out the wrong shoes for this popular Zara dress, ruining the whole look. A pair of slim strappy heels would have been more suitable.

2. Disha Patani

2 Disha Patani Footwear Faux Pas

Disha Patani’s stylist (read: Tanya Ghavri) was obviously in a bad mood when she picked out THOSE shoes with THAT dress. Half of her is she’s dressed for a black tie event and the other half, for the beach. Wish she’d worn a simple pair of metallic strappy heels instead.

3. Bipasha Basu

3 Bipasha Basu Footwear Faux Pas

Shoes so wrong, it’s almost a crime! Dear Bips, what in the world brought this on? That dress is chic and on trend. Why did you have to go and ruin this soiree-worthy look with tacky ankle-length (ugh) gladiators?

4. Gauahar Khan

4 Gauahar Khan Footwear Faux Pas

We almost never have anything bad to say about this well-dressed reality TV celeb. Unfortunately, today’s a day of firsts. The all-black three-piece co-ord set is giving me supermodel vibes. Not the footwear she paired with it though. A pair of metallic pointed-toe pumps were the way to go. The nude mules are practically invisible, aren’t they?

5. Katrina Kaif

5 Katrina Kaif Footwear Faux Pas

Not that this dress is breathtaking to begin with but Bollywood star Katrina Kaif could’ve salvaged the look with a pair of simple pink or nude pumps. These T-strap chappals are a bit too casual.

6. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

6 Shilpa Shetty Footwear Faux Pas

We love those shoes, Ms Shetty Kundra! They make a statement and any girl would be lucky to have a pair like that in her closet. Too bad you wasted them on that denim dress though. While the dress is girly and casual, the shoes are too extra. Maybe a nice cropped pant-suit would have done them justice.

7. Athiya Shetty

7 Athiya Shetty Footwear Faux Pas

Sigh. You know it as soon as you spot it. Girls, take Athiya Shetty’s footwear faux pas as a lesson learnt - never pair your fancy AF pant-suit with open-toed flats. Never. You have plenty of other stylish options… pointed toe flats, oxford shoes, pumps and block-heeled sandals are just a few of them.

8. Sania Mirza

8 Sania Mirza

I was vibing with Sania Mirza’s cool fusion outfit until I got to the shoes. There was no reason to throw those black plimsoll slip-ons into the mix. With clothes that cover you from head to toe, pick shoes that don’t do the same. Anything that showed some more skin, like casual flats or juttis would have looked much better.

9. Urvashi Rautela

9 Urvashi Rautela Footwear Faux Pas

Supermodel Urvashi Rautela committed major footwear faux pas by pairing gumboots with her cool grey dress. Not only did the boots not match colour wise, they were an absolute mismatch when it comes to vibe!