7 Reasons The North East Is WAY Cooler Than The Rest Of India!

7 Reasons The North East Is WAY Cooler Than The Rest Of India!
So what makes our country unlike any other on the globe? The fact that its four corners are as different from each other as they possibly could be. And even though all four of them together add to the glory of the nation - so many aspects of the North East continue to remain unknown to most of us. And that’s a shame, ‘coz it’s waaay cooler and ahead of its times than most other regions of our country! Don’t believe us? Well, prepare to be surprised about life in the North East.

1. School kids in Nagaland know more about money than you do.

The National Stock Exchange Of India along with the Nagaland Board Of Secondary Education have decided to educate school kids in financial literacy. How cool, right? If only our teachers too had taught us how to plan and invest money - instead of asking us to focus only on earning the best package - life would have been very different.
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2. Tripura has beaten Kerala to become the state with the highest literacy rate in the nation.

With a literacy rate of 94.65 percent, Tripura now boasts of the highest literacy rate in the country, followed closely by Kerala at 93.91 percent, and Mizoram at 91.58 percent. North East, FTW!

3. Mizoram has the highest number of inter-caste marriages in India, followed by Meghalaya and Sikkim.

Didn’t we always say education is the answer to most social stigmas and prejudices? Like the one many people in our society still have about inter-caste marriages. In the North East, you can marry whoever you please - or not marry at all. Marriage really is not something that boys and girls stress over. Now that’s some freedom, right? north east

4. Women continue to rule in some tribes of Meghalaya!

Yes, the Khasi people in the North East have traditionally been a matrilineal society, and continue to be so even today. Property and wealth in these areas are passed from the mother to her daughter, instead of the father to his son. We need more of that, don’t we?

5. Your friend from the North East probably looks a lot more stylish than anyone else - and she’s all that without spending a bomb!

Because, back home, she grew up watching people wear what they want, color and chop their hair as they like and not get rude stares for it - because that's just how things roll over there!
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6. Almost everyone in the North East knows how to play some instrument and sing.

For, in the North East, music is a lifestyle. It is an important part of their culture and an even more important part of who they are. No wonder then that many popular Indie music bands call the North East home.

7. And, in the end, the beauty of the North East is just as untouched as it was many years from now…

And it is these surroundings that inspire the people to live happy and spiritual lives, deeply rooted in their traditions, and yet more modern in thought and approach than we can ever hope to be. north east GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: 7 Ways Your Life ​*Doesn’t*​ Have To Change After You Get Married MUST-READ: Dear Hindi TV Serials, WTF Is This Era Of Naagins & Chudails?!