The Silver Lining: 7 Beauty Benefits Of Being Trapped At Home During The Lockdown

The Silver Lining: 7 Beauty Benefits Of Being Trapped At Home During The Lockdown

What day is it again? You probably have lost count, right? In a way, that's a kinda good thing. You're slowly but steadily falling into some sort of a routine. Whether it's working from home, pursuing your hobbies, doing chores, cleaning your cupboard, catching up with your besties on zoom - your schedule is booked! And while everything seems to be falling into place (despite the chaos happening outside) your complexion has started to improve too. Don't believe me? Take a minute to look into the mirror to admire your skin!

7 Beauty Benefits Of Staying At Home During The Lockdown

When the pros overweigh the cons - social distancing doesn't feel all that bad at all!

1. Extra Hours For Beauty Sleep

Thanks to the metro work, ever-growing population and bumper to bumper traffic, Mumbaikars spend at least 3-5 hours travelling to work every day. Imagine using that time to catch up on beauty sleep? Blissful, right? The more sleep you get, it not only makes your body feel energised but also helps to regenerate skin cells. Put on a sleeping mask at night and I'm sure you'll wake up to amazing skin the morning after.

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2. You Can Go Makeup Free


I'm not talking about sporting a no-makeup look. I'm encouraging you to wear no makeup. You're welcome to stick to just a CTM routine or try 'skin fasting'. The latter actually means giving up on a skincare routine by not using any skincare product and just allowing your skin to breathe, reset and heal. 

3. DIY Hair Masks Are Your Best Friends!

This lockdown is the perfect time to nurse your hair back to health. Which means staying away from hot styling tools and chemical-packed products. You now have the time to play scientist and experiment with every DIY hair mask recipe out there! Using fresh and natural ingredients from your kitchen will not only improve your skin's texture but make your locks longer, stronger and glossier. 


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4. Work It, Babe!


Whether you prefer to workout at night or in the morning, both have positive effects on your skin. Even if it's for 30 minutes, dedicate that time to exercising. It helps to boost blood circulation, nourishes skin cells and gives your complexion a radiant glow. Plus, it helps to boost serotonin levels that keep you happy and stress-free all day long. 

5. You Can Spend More Time With Your Skin

If you've always wanted to have a proper skincare routine, now is the time to start. Try a basic CTM routine and gradually include serums, face masks, eye creams and essences. While you're at it, make sure that your bedsheets are clean, your home is free from dust and you avoid touching your face every now and then. 

6. Do A Manicure At Home


You won't be getting gel nails done for a while so you might as well do your own nails at home. Keep them short, neat and clean. While you're at it, paint them a pretty colour so when you look at them, you instantly feel happier. 

7. Do A Spa At Home

You probably miss your parlour lady, but if you think about it...You have almost everything you need to turn your home into a spa! Light a few scented candles, have a hot shower, scrub your body with a refreshing bath gel, slap on a sheet mask, read a magazine while you're at it and spoil yourself. The best part is that you won't have to spend your moolah to feel good.


After this lockdown period is over, your relationship with your skin and hair would become stronger.

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