This 60 Year Old Woman Is Looking For A Suitable Groom For Herself & We're All For It!

This 60 Year Old Woman Is Looking For A Suitable Groom For Herself & We're All For It!

Age is just a number and Sultana Abdullah just proved that right. Meet 60-year-old retired Air India hostess who is looking for a suitable groom for herself. 


Sultana Abdullah is a retired Air India hostess who served as an in-flight cabin crew for more than 30 happy years of her life. She owns an apartment in a posh locality in central Delhi and she's now looking for a bookish, romantic man to spend the rest of her life with.

Ms Abdullah wants her groom to have certain qualities. Some of them include 'common sense, pride in Indian heritage while also possessing western sensibilities, and a happy balance of liberal and conservative instincts' she told HT. She added that her prospective husband should also be fond of good music and must refrain from talking politics around the dining table. Also, he should be sufficiently prosperous to take care of his own comforts 'at least', asserts Ms Abdullah.

For her, a man with children and grandchildren is a bonus for she likes extended families because 'they're great fun'.

While the religion doesn't matter but if you're a Parsi, it's a plus. Ms Abdullah lived in Bombay for 18 years and since Air India was founded and nurtured by Parsis, she has a special attachment towards them. Also, men with safari suits, paunches and hair colour must refrain, she shared. 


Ms Abdullah has a wicked sense of humour. Her other qualities include- in her own words- 'unfailing loyalty to friends' and the fact that 'I check my email only once a month.'

Ms Abdullah has a lavish lifestyle. She goes to Paris for haircuts, Rome for shoes, Nairobi for spices and Wenger’s for sandwiches. Although she has been married once many years ago in London but in her own words, 'the wedding lasted longer than the marriage'. She has been single since her last relationship which ended three years ago.


While the adults are constantly debating about the right age to get married, 60-year-old Ms Abdullah is showing us that 'marriageable age' is an antiquated idea. While in her case, a lot of us might think that an independent, self-sufficient woman who has enjoyed a stellar career might not need anything else in life. But the truth is, we all seek companionship.

We hope that she finds her dream man soon!

Image Source: Hindustan Times