Winners Chose To Boycott The Prestigious National Film Awards & We're On Their Side

Winners Chose To Boycott The Prestigious National Film Awards & We're On Their Side

Imagine, if you are told that you'll be getting a prestigious award in school on Annual Day. Would you or your parents ever give the ceremony a miss? Nope. So what happened that convinced 60 recipients to skip the National Film Awards to receive their prize? Actually, they felt cheated by the government and we can see why.  

Recipients chose to back off from attending the 65th National Film Awards ceremony in New Delhi on Thursday. Why? Because 50 of them were denied the photographic right with the head of state and were made to travel in second class rides as they are not in the first eleven.

Let's just say, this kind of discrimination does feel a bit awkward. Denying some National Award winners of honour is disrespectful and does not put forward a great example. That's one of the main reason for the so-called-boycott.

The bureaucracy should have told the President to reconsider the hours as this is bad form.

Boney Kapoor with daughter janhvi kapoor at national film awards

Boney Kapoor, who was also present at the ceremony with his daughters Kushi and Janhvi Kapoor on behalf of his late wife and actress Sridevi, told ANI, "I would have been equally happy if the Minister of Information and Broadcasting had given me the award. It is ultimately the recognition of your work. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. There is no harm in receiving the award by the concerned ministry."


He added, "I am extremely happy and proud. This is what she’s got after working for 50 years in the industry; she would have cherished this award all her life. This is the highest honour. We miss her and today we miss her even more. I would have preferred, she going and accepting the award and me and my children sitting down and clapping for her."


Cinematographer Arnold Fernandes and Appu Prabhakar summed up the situation:

I along with my fellow awardees have chosen to not attend the National Film Awards today. The reason is we didn't want...

Posted by Arnold Fernandes on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Let us not use this opportunity to devalue the national awards. We haven't rejected the awards. We are just protesting...

Posted by Appu Prabhakar on Thursday, May 3, 2018


Featured Image Source: PIBHindi


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