6 Men Reveal The *Hottest* Moves Women Make...

6 Men Reveal The *Hottest* Moves Women Make...
There are some little but incredible sexy things girls do that get a guy in the mood, and some of them you didn’t even have any idea about. So what are some sexy moves that men find insanely hot? Well, that only men can answer, right?! So we found some answers by men on Quora that’ll help you understand what they find hot. Read on to know more...

1. ‘Kissing him and gently biting his lower lip…’ - Okay, noted! *Nods*

Howie Reith says… ‘People aren't that complicated. Both men and women respond powerfully to someone they're attracted to showing sexual interest in them. Anything that falls into this category will turn on a man who's interested in you. This could mean grabbing him and pulling him in the dance floor, running your fingers down his chest, whispering something sexual in his ear, grinding against him (front or behind), kissing him and gently biting his lower lip, gently biting his earlobe, or plenty of other things. If it's body language that screams ‘I want to fuck you’ it will get him excited.’ 1 sexy moves

2. ‘I still consider water as the best dating venue…’ - Okay, that’s something new!

Gonzalo Perez says… ‘Swimming & diving. I like water sports and I met all my GFs in college at the swimming pool. I still consider water as the best “dating venue” - no make up, no jewellery! All the girls I know that are into watersports, care about their health, have an active lifestyle, are confident with their body, and like to have fun which is cool. The hot looks are just side-effects of all the pros.’

3. ‘Seeing her involved in something she loves…’ - Yep! Happy girls are the prettiest!

Jay Bazzinotti says… ‘Every person is different so it's impossible to answer the question with any degree of totality. For me, women who attempt to strike a sexy pose or act seductively don't turn me on. But a woman who is intently into doing her thing and loving it, be it biking or gardening, is incredibly desirable to me. Seeing her involved in something she loves, with dirt or sweat on her face makes me want to throw her down right there. If, for some reason, I can see her cleavage during this, I get filled with lust and passion. For me there is nothing more sexy than the smell of clean hair and female sweat, no matter what she is doing - washing the dishes or running a marathon. But I am probably in the minority because everyone is different.’
3 sexy moves

4. ‘Women have that effect on guys without even trying too hard.’ - True. Just being your true amazing self is enough!

Maurice Stella says… ‘There no special recipe. I think, the more she is at ease and behaves naturally, the more intriguing she will be to the gentleman in question. Believe me, women have that effect on guys without even trying too hard. Intelligence and self confidence are pretty sexy. You asked about sexy moves a woman can make to spike a man's interest. I have some years of experience at being a man living in a world where about half the population consists of females. I can tell you, after all these years the way females move is still intriguing. A mystery and enjoyable. And it's not always explainable in a conscious way.  It's the way we are wired, nature did a pretty good job there. Like I mentioned before, the more at ease the lady is, the less specific and conscious effort she needs to apply to hold the man's attention. Once her looks and pheromones have hit him, not even the landing of our neighbors from planet Saturn on her lawn would divert his attention away from her. It can't be helped, luckily, it's human nature.

5. ‘If I’m able to make a woman laugh…’ - Yeah, we’ve heard that the best curve on a woman’s body is her smile!

Brad Bjorndahl says… ‘A woman who has an easy, genuine laugh reminds me of why women are most worthy of love. (Therefore, if I am able to make a woman laugh, I figure I've had a pretty good day, no matter what else happens.)’ 5 sexy moves

6. ‘A big smile on her face…’ - That’s so sweet!

Bruce A. Annear says…’If my lady stands up straight with wide-open arms and a big smile on her face, that's all it takes for me.’ You can read the full thread here on Quora. These were some very interesting answers! GIFs: Tumblr