50 Surprising Thoughts I Had While Watching 'Dhadak'

50 Surprising Thoughts I Had While Watching 'Dhadak'

I just watched Karan Johar’s very own version of Sairat, Dhadak starring the newbies of Bollywood, Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor. People have a lot of expectations from these star kids and despite the fact that most of us know the story, their acting did manage to surprise me. It wasn’t brilliant, but apart from a few rookie mistakes, they did a pretty good job. Janhvi’s American accent, of course, did slip into the dialogues and more often than not, she seemed like she didn’t belong in Udaipur. But that isn’t all there is to the movie, here are the thoughts I had while watching Dhadak. Especially since I hadn't seen Sairat and had no idea about the storyline, Dhadak was packed with surprises. 

1. Why is the beginning of the movie so sexual?

2. Ishaan aka Madhukar is just a horny teenage kid, basically. He stares at her creepily for the first 10-15 minutes of the film.  

3. There is a kachori eating contest! Great. Now I’m hungry. 

4. Janhvi looks stunning. How much of her face is natural though? Or is it all surgery? 

5. This movie stinks of honour killing. Right from the start. I have a sad idea of where this movie is leading. 

6. So much product placement. Look out for the expensive fan and Coke and a bunch of other small time brands. 

7. Glad they justify that she knows how to use a gun. We've had a look at her violent streak in the trailer. 

8. Why is his name Madhu? It's very confusing. 

9. Why is Ishaan always so happy? That smile is plastered on his face. But good job on the abs, quite the hottie. 

10. His impulsive need to dance all the time reminds me of Shahid. 

02 dhadak thoughts

11. Ishaan is showing some stalker-ish behaviour. Bollywood never learns this lesson.

12. I think I find his best friend more attractive. Who is this cute tall boy, Gokul? 

13. Redundant dialogues, how lovely. I'm bored out of my mind. Jhanvi repeats the same dialogue in english and Hindi. Take care, dhyan rakh apna... why? 

14. I do find myself smiling. If nothing else, this movie is funny, albiet slow. 

15. His dad has better sense than this teenage mutant ninja Madhu who keeps jumping around. 

16. I’d be really impressed if Janhvi actually knew how to ride the bike she’s pretending to be sitting on. 

17. Just a sprinkle of dirty politics. Your average desi love-story. 

18. Her accent switches to American when she speaks English. It’s so sad. 

19. I’m getting second-hand embarrassment from his constant efforts to win her over. She’s such a bully. 

01 dhadak thoughts

20. Yet another pretty girl who sleeps with makeup on, Karan Johar please stop with these unrealistic beauty standards. 

21. I love how much he resembles Shahid Kapoor. Especially that killer smile. 

22. This movie needs subtitles. What does chokhi mean? 

23. I can see the fear in his eyes. He’s deathly scared of her family. Finally. 

24. Janhvi's outfits are goals. Damn. 

25. Are they stupid? Why are they going ahead with this? You’ll always fall in love again. Stop trying to get yourself killed. 

26. These kids in love don’t understand the gravity of the situation they are in. Her dad is an insanely powerful man. Marey dono

27. Zingaat might be the best part of this movie. Why is this step so sexual though? 

04 dhadak thoughts

28. FUCK. I told them to be careful! Shit shit shit. 

29. I feel so bad for Ishaan's dad. Sometimes, parents are right. 

30. Janhvi's dad is scaring the living daylights out of me. 

31. I did not expect the film to be this gruesome or violent. 

32. Shit just got interesting. Now the movie is picking up the pace. 

33. Wow. Jahnvi can act. She’s surprising me. 

34. They are so scared. I wish I could hug them. They are just kids who are stuck in the wrong situation. 

35. I’m trying really hard not to give you guys any spoilers. 

36. What kind of a father is her dad?! 

03 dhadak thoughts

37. Wow. From being royalty to using a common toilet, how her life has changed. 

38. I love the clueless expression on her face when she has to wash clothes. Privilege kid getting a much needed reality check. 

39. Ishaan Khatter is such a cutie. Drinking milk when everyone has a glass of wine in their hand. 

40. Why is she so stupid!? 

41. How calm and patient can she expect him to be?!

42. Things seem to be getting better. Seems like the calm before a storm. 

43. I feel so bad for him. He just got stuck with the wrong girl. An absolute lunatic. 

44. How did his friends find him? Oh my god, I missed them. 

45. Do all boys turn into assholes around their friends? 

05 dhadak thoughts

46. Ohy my God! Did he just slap her? This is getting messy. 

47. Ishaan streaked his hair in the middle of the movie and it’s quite obvious. 

48. Oh fuck. Her father knows. No no no!!

49. I know what’s going to happen and I hate this. I can’t watch it anymore. 

50. Oh shit! But you kind of see it coming.

That's all for today. Dhadak may not have an original storyline, but it does have a Karan Johar touch. Watch it for the laughs and for how cute Ishaan Khatter looks. I'd give it 3/5 stars.