#BeautyBasics: 5 Reasons Why The Right Toner Can Save You Big Bucks On Skincare

#BeautyBasics: 5 Reasons Why The Right Toner Can Save You Big Bucks On Skincare

I've been asked by my father, my husband and my mother innumerable times why I waste time, money and a lot of cotton pads slathering on what looks like water on my face multiple times a day. I promise you toner is not water, and using the right toner in my routine has completely transformed my acne-scarred skin. So WTF is a toner you ask? Read this post for all the goss on toners. 

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If there's only one thing in your skin care that you would be willing to spend money on, get yourself a good toner. Because of its water like consistency, the toner penetrates deep into your skin delivering hydration and anti-oxidants deep into your skin. Think of a good toner as a base (primer) for the rest of your skincare products. It deep cleanses your skin and brings it back to its natural acidic state. This means you can use the most basic of moisturisers, serums or night creams and still get the MOST out of them.

toner   skincare   best  toners internal woman toning face

In the world of K-beauty, toners have been replaced with hydrating serums. If you're looking to give your skin a little something apart from hydration, I recommend that you look for a toner that has acids, glycerine, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories. These are the best kind of toners to invest in.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a toner in your life

1. A toner with the right ingredients (AHA's and BHA's) help exfoliate your skin by sloughing off the surface layer of dead skin cells and boost the production of new skin cells. 

2. Help lighten and brighten your complexion and get rid of acne scars, blemishes, blackheads, clogged pores.

3. Can reduce acne and speed up your skin's healing process.

4. Helps your skin absorb skincare products more effectively.

5. And finally, a toner acts as the second step in cleansing - aka your double cleanse. And it helps rid your skin of any residual dirt and impurities left over after you wash your face.

Well, you get the drift, don't you?

Here are some of the best toners your money can buy! 

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner (Rs 1,499)

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (Rs 578)

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner (Rs 2,425)

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner (Rs 1,430) 

Ladies, please consciously stay away from toners that have alcohol since they tend to dry out your skin and cause more harm than good.

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