The 5 Most Popular Makeup Looks Of 2018 You Should Try Before The Year Ends!

The 5 Most Popular Makeup Looks Of 2018 You Should Try Before The Year Ends!

We've got less than 20 days left to bid adieu to 2018 and looking back, I must say it's been quite a colourful year. With blue eyeshadow and yellow eyeshadow reigning on the runways, we've seen quite a few trends that we loved (and tried) and some we'd like to give a miss. With 2018 coming to a quick close, we've got you some fun, wild and experimental makeup trends you should take for a spin. The Google Year in Search 2018 report is out and it's no surprise that these are the top 5 popular beauty trends! Luckily, whether you're a makeup junkie or a makeup virgin, these beauty trends are quite easy to recreate. With the holiday season right around the corner, slip into your LBD and try one of these top 5 beauty trends. It's going to light up your face and those Instagram selfies, promise! 

1. Dewy Makeup


Image: Instagram

This probably comes as no surprise? With the thousands of highlighters, liquid illuminators and facial oils that launched in 2018... Dewy skin is definitely a winner. And the good news is that you don't have to chug a tiny bucket of water every day. Of course, that will help your cause but for everything else there's makeup! You can use a little bit of highlighter to fake your way into looking like you're in the pink of health. If you're not a fan of all over dewy skin, another trend that was curated by makeup mogul Huda Beauty was mewy skin. Mewy skin is the perfect balance between matte and dewy. Curious? Read this!

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Tip: Mix a drop of facial oil and a liquid highlighter with your moisturiser or sunscreen. Apply this to your face for the perfect glowing skin. Use this as your base for makeup, or just walk out of the house with that golden glow.

2. Smokey Eyes


Image: Instagram

Smokey eyes are perhaps the only makeup trend that has stood the test of time. Much like your LBD, a good smokey eye never goes out of style. You can wear it during the day to add some spice to a boring outfit or at night to add some drama to your eyes. Either way, it's going to look just as alluring! And a smokey eye is quite versatile too, it's going to match any outfit - ethnic or western. A brown smokey eye has been quite popular among our Bollywood celebrities so we got makeup artist Namrata Soni to spill the beans on recreating one. Believe it or not, she used no more than 3 products to create a sultry brown smokey eye for Sonakshi Sinha and Diana Penty!

Tip: Don't forget to top it off with oodles of mascara!

3. Glitter Eyeshadow


Image: Instagram

Did someone say glitter? Yep, among the top 3 trends in 2018, glitter eyeshadow has made its way to number 3 spot. The Sindhi in me just did a little dance! Boy, do I love me some glitter. Glitter eye makeup seems like it would be a little intimidating, the truth is it's not. What better time than Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve to rock a sexy glitter eyeliner or eyeshadow? All you need is the right glitter pigment and some glitter glue to keep things in place all night long. 

Tip: Use loose glitter pigment to create a stunning glittery eye makeup look. Do your eye makeup before your base, that way if you have any glitter fall out on your cheeks all you need to do is use a baby wipe to dust it off. And always keep a glitter primer or glitter glue handy when working with glitter eyeshadow. It's the glue that's going to hold your eye makeup in place while you dance the night away. 

4. Pink Makeup


Image: Instagram

A monotone makeup look is something that's been trending on the runways and among these looks, the shade pink has been a clear winner. Pink is one such colour that not only brightens up your lips and cheeks but your eyelids too. The easiest way to slip into this all pink makeup look would be to use a multitasking makeup product that can be applied to your lips, lids and cheeks. Top that off with the perfect matte pink manicure and you've got yourself a beautiful all pink makeup look. 

Tip: Dust a little bit of pink blush on your cheeks, lips and eyelids!

5. Golden Makeup


Image: Instagram

Sounds like the perfect makeup look to sport throughout Shaadi season, doesn't it? Golden eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter work wonders on all skin tones. The colour gold brings out the best, especially on our yellowish Indian skin. Smear some golden highlighter over your eyelids, draw on a subtle cat eyeliner add a few coats of mascara - and that's it! You've just created a golden makeup look.

Tip: Break the clutter in your makeup bag! Use golden highlighter as eyeshadow.

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