#POPxoLive: From Cooking To Fitness, Our Experts Help You Make The Most Of Your Lockdown

#POPxoLive: From Cooking To Fitness, Our Experts Help You Make The Most Of Your Lockdown

We are currently going through a period of unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety. The widespread outbreak of the novel coronavirus has brought the entire world to a screeching halt. With the number of positive cases and deaths rising day by day and no cure in sight any time soon, we're still quite unsure about what the future holds.

And while this is a stressful time, what we can do is take solace in the fact that we're all in this together. It doesn't matter which part of the world you reside in or how many zeros your bank account has, we're all equally vulnerable and we need to unite to fight it together.

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With countries imposing complete lockdowns, we are now confined to the four walls of our home. And while that itself is a massive privilege, the social isolation has been getting to the best of us. 

But while we're dreaming about the day we'll be able to resume life as we know it, let's forget about negativity and focus on the silver linings. We're safe. We're spending more time with our loved ones--some in person and some virtually. And we have a lot of extra time--something we've always complained not having enough of!

So why not make the most of it?

Learn a new skill or brush up on an old one. Focus on spending your time doing what you enjoy, be it trying a new workout or amping up your culinary skills. And you know what's better than doing something you love alone? Doing it with a community of like-minded individuals.

So we at POPxo invite you to join us for our live sessions every day on the POPxo app. Each session will be hosted by an expert in the field. Today, you can learn meditation basic with yoga guru Seema Sondhi at 5 PM or whip up a storm in your kitchen with star chef Tanisha Phanbuh at 7 PM.




At this point, taking care of your mental and physical health should be your top priority. This is why we have daily sessions with experts in both fields every day. Start your day with a 30-minute cardio workout with fitness expert Neha Lidder to keep yourself physically fit, and end it in the evening with a calming meditation session with Seema Sondhi, a yoga and wellness expert.

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Now that your health is taken care of, we add a lot of fun activities to the mix every day. On Wednesday, beauty influencer Himani Khatri taught our viewers how to make a brightening face mask with the most basic ingredients from their kitchen. On Thursday, Team POPxo's very own fashion queen Khushboo Sharma showed us three different ways to drape the graceful and elegant saree. 

If you missed your favourite session, don't fret! All the videos have been archived on our app, so you can go back and re-watch them as often as you like. To find out what else is in store, check our POPxo Live calender for details.

Sounds like a blast? We thought so. All you need to do to join in on the fun is download the POPxo app and you're ready to get started!

So grab your phone and sign up before you miss a session!

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