Wild Cards To Show Extension, Four New 'Bigg Boss' Twists That'll Make You Say Ab Bas!

Wild Cards To Show Extension,  Four New 'Bigg Boss' Twists That'll Make You Say Ab Bas!

Toofani seniors, weird evictions, wild card entries, fake finale, random walkouts, challengers, and endless re-entries!!!!!! *SCREAMS*

Seriously what’s happening with Bigg Boss 14? Clearly fixated on the last season’s success, the makers are in no mood to let go of that high and are doing anything and everything in their power to make it work.

And we are not saying it just for the heck of it. So desperate have been the makers this season that they didn’t even shy away from bringing back the old contestants, not as guests, but as competitors who are now eyeing the trophy. Currently, there are 12 contestants in the house and it legit feels like the season has just begun. 

Now, just when we were beginning to think that the show was getting sufficient buzz after some really ugly altercations in the house, the makers have decided that they want more. I mean there is no other way of explaining the need for wild card entries part 2 right now while it’s already a houseful! But that’s not it, the show is coming up with a slew of new twists and turns and as much as it hurts our brains just thinking about them, here’s a quick update on all of them:

Vikas Gupta’s Re-Entry


So this 'Weekend ka Vaar' turned out to be quite a roast session for Arshi Khan who was brutally called out by Salman Khan for bullying Vikas Gupta and provoking him to the extent that he ended up pushing her in the pool. He also called out the rest of the contestants for not taking a stand in the matter even after they told Salman that Vikas didn’t want them to interfere. TBH, it was a tad too much of gyan but now we understand the reason behind it.

Turns out that Vikas is all set to make a comeback to the Bigg Boss house hardly a week after his eviction for getting physically violent with Arshi. Vikas would be re-entering the house today and while we do feel that he was bullied by Arshi, we also have some questions here. For instance, what’s the point of having all the house rules against violence, voluntary exits, and shiz when the makers themselves don’t even give a second thought before flouting them just like that. Case in point: Vikas Gupta and Rahul Vaidya's re-entry into the house!

Wildcard Entries Part 2


But wait, Vikas Gupta is not the only one entering the BB 14 house. As per the latest reports, this month, some wildcard entries would also be seen in the house. Out of these anticipated entries, the name of BJP politician and TikTok star Sonali Phogat seems to be fully confirmed. The names of the rest of the wild entries are yet to be disclosed. However, it is being speculated that a total of four wild cards would be entering the house. Seriously, why do the contestants keep increasing instead of decreasing in number this season? I mean, after all the TRP assaults, are we even prepared to tolerate 16 people in the house now?

Manu Punjabi’s Exit


Okay so besides all the entries, there is also going to be an exit from the show. The latest reports suggest that Manu Punjabi has left the house owing to some leg injury. But don’t feel too relieved! His exit does not imply fewer contestants for he’ll re-enter the house as soon as he gets better. 

Season Extension


And here’s the most exasperating “twist” of them all. Reports suggest that the show has received an extension now and would air till February 2021. Well, from acting like they are concluding a season well in advance than the stipulated finale to extending it, the makers really did pull a 180 here. Now that we think about it, an early conclusion would have been much better! 

Perhaps now is a good time for the makers to take a day’s break, then take some deep breaths and discuss ‘how much is too much?’ Seriously, kitna scene paltaoge boss?

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