Bigg Boss 13: 5 Twists We Expect After Siddharth & Paras's Return From The Secret Room

Bigg Boss 13: 5 Twists We Expect After Siddharth & Paras's Return From The Secret Room

Haters gonna hate you even if you don't watch Bigg Boss. This show has three kinds of audiences--one, people who hate the show and judge those who watch the show. Second, those who silently enjoy all the drama that brews in the house but don't really admit watching it. Third, people who not only love the show but their morning conversations with a friend start with 'kal Bigg Boss Dekha' (count me in). And all of them are the reason this show is the one with the highest TRPs. In fact, season 13 is topping the TRP charts this week as well. All thanks to the dramatic twists and turns that are taking place in the show.


Talking about twists, we recently saw that after Bigg Boss' aadesh, the most-controversial contestants Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra left the house and entered the secret room. 

While Paras was evicted from the show last week on the grounds of recovering from his thumb injury, Siddharth was sent out of the house on the pretext of him being unwell. Now the old foes-turned-friends are watching contestants from the room. Well, not just watching, they are actually planning their revenge on all the contestants (Rashami Desai, Shefali Zariwala and Vishal Aditya Singh, for sure) talking behind their backs. 

Here Are Some Game-Changing Moments We Are Expecting To See

Naturally, once the duo comes out of the secret room, we will see more twists. More drama!

Revealing what Arhaan Khan said about Rashami Desai


During a conversation between Arhaan Khan and Shefali Bagga in a recent episode, Arhaan claimed to have helped Rashami Desai when she'd gone "bankrupt". Arhaan told Shefali, "Jab Rashami se mila tha, iske account mein na zero balance tha. Wahaan se leke yahaan tak main Rashami ko kaise leke aya hoon, mera dil janta hai. Khatam ho chuki thi, Rashami Desai road par thi." (When I met Rashami, she had zero balance in her account. She was on the road. I helped her overcome that phase.)

Sidharth and Paras who were listening to this conversation from the secret room had a good laugh. While Siddharth was amused that Rashami showed her bank balance to Arhaan, Paras said that he would reveal all of this to Rashami.

#SidNaaz: more mush moments coming up soon


If we are talking about Bigg Boss, we can't miss mentioning 'Punjab ki Katrina Kaif', Shehnaaz Gill. Clearly, Shehnaaz is missing Siddharth a LOT. We have seen her saying that a lot on the show and she has also been requesting Bigg Boss to get Siddharth back in the house. Siddharth, on the other hand, is watching all this and I am sure he is going to give Shehnaaz one tight hug once he enters the house again (can literally see this on his face).

Siddharth & Paras Vs Shefali Zariwala

In one of the episodes, Shefali claims that because of Siddharth and Paras, housemates stopped having fun on the show. And now that they are gone, the contestants can bring back the fun vibe back. Cleary, Siddharth was offended. Well, we have often seen Shefali and Siddharth locking horns with each other. Apparently, the two were dating each other a little before Shefali married the musician Harmeet Gulzar of Meet Bros. She is now married to actor Parag Tyagi.

Fights between frenemies: Siddharth & Rashami

We may see some more arguments between Rashami and Siddharth. On a recent episode, Rashami and Bhau were seen discussing rumours of Siddharth spending time in rehab. Speaking with Rashami, Bhau said, “I do not like Sidharth Shukla. I have heard he spent two years in rehab.” Rashami neither confirmed nor denied it and said, “Even I have heard the same.” The two then discussed how Sidharth is too aggressive and it will not do any good for his image once he is out of the show. Well, guys, Siddharth Shukla did hear all this! Good luck, Rashami!

Will Paras confront Mahira for being friendly with Vishal & Asim?

In last night's episode, we saw Mahira Sharma hugging out her differences with Asim Riaz and Vishal Aditya Singh. Clearly, this didn't sit well with Paras. And adding fuel to the fire, Siddharth tells him that Mahira is happy with all this. To which, Paras says, he is definitely going to discuss this with Mahira.

Well, Siddharth and Paras, we are waiting for you guys to come back to the house. We are sure the coming episodes have been 'created' for drama.

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