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Ananya Went Bold And Celebrated The New Year In All Nude Everything!

Ananya Went Bold And Celebrated The New Year In All Nude Everything!

It's not every day that you can pull something bold out of your closet and just throw it on without a care in the world. Especially if that 'something' is an H2T nude outfit. Now, as we all know, the nude colour family is a bit risky when it comes to fashion. In recent years, the hue has climbed the trend ladder and there's no sign of it receding.

That said, it is a tricky colour to pull off, and even trickier to style. It's funny how even though visually it is not a threatening colour, to wear nude is a bold move - the reason is in the name itself. It looks like skin, and to wear it could feel like you walking around in your birthday suit i.e. the nude.  


Image source: Instagram

Guess who got the timing bang-on, though? Bollywood's newest debutante, Student Of The Year 2's star, Ananya Panday. The 19-year-old actress brought in the new year with a bang - her all-nude-everything outfit. What do we think of it? Well, we'll just say that the Kardashians would approve. 

Ananya spent New Year's Eve with her close friends, including Punit Malhotra glowing in a super sparkly bodycon naked dress. A nude, naked dress... double-win for Miss Panday! If you thought nude wasn't appropriate or 'fun' enough for a big party, Ananya's outfit is evidence that it can be. 


Image source: Instagram

We're impressed with the long-sleeved, embellished sheer dress she chose to welcome 2019 in but what we're bowled over by is her shoe choice. Yes, the girl wore nude high-top Nike sneakers and we're not mad about it. Another bold move from the seemingly 'plain Jane' Ananya, isn't it?

Looks like the Bollywood actress is sticking to the au naturale look: bare-faced makeup, and a nude outfit. Safe to say, we approve! 

So, taking a leaf out of Ananya's book here's a dose of nude for your closet for a riskier but 1484949 times more fashionable 2019: 


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