Marriage Meter: Find Out Which Sun Sign The Virgo Is Most Compatible With!

Marriage Meter: Find Out Which Sun Sign The Virgo Is Most Compatible With!

"To Virgos, love means the surrender of the self, a mystery they prefer not to solve," wrote Linda Goodman.

As this is the month of the Virgo, we look at how the virgin is compatible with each of the sun signs.

Virgo and Aries

To say it in the simplest of words, Virgo and Aries are antithetic to each other. Ram loves to generalise, is clumsy and ready for a fight whereas Virgo is microscopic, perfectionist and holds all in till the fated day. And yet, at the same time, their differences can help them bring out the best in each other.

fight aries


They may form the strongest bond and yet, the differences in their natures can be extremely discomforting for both. Virgos hate when Rams are running late (harmless according to him and sinful according to Virgo). Rams hate the compulsive worry which Virgo goes through as they believe it to be unnecessary.

Also, Aries can be extravagant while Virgos are savers. Aries are more inclined to follow their emotions while Virgos are more practical.


They both are visionaries and pure at heart. They can be driven by the righteous purpose. However, while Aries would believe that they will make it to the Holy Grail one day despite all the setbacks, Virgo will have very little hope despite everything going unbelievably perfect. Yet, they can be strangely comforting to each other and will be able to confide in one another. 

Also, they respect the same set of values, such as hard work and ambition. They both have a purity of heart that stays intact even with the ravages of bad times.

Sexual compatibility: Sex between these signs is a little oh-not-so-happening. Aries cannot be okay with the virgin-like attributes of Virgo while the virgin finds Aries to be an impatient brute who doesn't stimulate her enough.

Couple quotient: 4/10

Virgo and Taurus

They both have many, many similarities and hence, their union can be rewarding for both of them. They both have feminine negative Earth signs, meaning they both are passive, receptive and even suspicious. They may not be the most lively couple out there, but they sure will cling on to each other and their mutual principles.


Virgos may drool over the way the Bull is so patient and determined. Yet, he can be super annoyed by the Bull's stubbornness in the face of an impending decision. Similarly, Taurus admires the virgin's quickness of mind and intelligence, while they hate the cleanliness bug that sits in their heads.


They both are practical, and their practicality is what drives their love affair and their lives. They both are also very sincere towards each other and devotedly love one another.

If they both are in a relationship, it is meant to be for the long haul. They both value common sense and can tend to be materialistic. Yet, they make sure that their materialism leads to creature comfort in their lives.

Sexual compatibility: Sexually, the bull can be more sensual while the virgin can act as the inhibitive force. However, their love for finer things and patience will keep them passionate for each other. Taurus will teach the virgin to let go and release their sexual inhibitions.

Couple quotient: 7/10

Virgo and Gemini

The virgin can be quite different from the Gemini twins, as the practicality of a Virgo weans away when it comes in contact with the dreaminess of a Gemini.

gemini dreaming


Though they both are ruled by Mercury and it is probably what brings them together, it is also what drives them apart. This is because Mercury affects them both very differently. While it sharpens the masculinity and extrovert nature of a Gemini, it makes the virgin introvert and shy. The sensible Virgo would see the Geminis as heartless children, chasing mirages and cobwebs.

Another major difference that can pull them apart is trust issues. The dreamy twins are hard to trust and the virgin may be baffled even more by the trickster nature of the Gemini. Whenever Virgo would question, the twins would run away, just like children do, and that would be the least hazardous thing they would do.

Another problematic thing between them is the Virgo's need for perfection and the Gemini's distaste for it. Also, Virgos keep all their emotions in while Geminis are pros at announcing themselves out. Virgins can also tend to take the twin's criticism to heart, which is nothing but the happening of his sharp tongue.


Being ruled by Mercury, they both are very good at communication. Despite all the differences which they have, they have the ability to talk them out, which can be their relationship's saving grace. Virgos should try not to look at Gemini's superficiality and rest all should sail smoothly.

They both also value similar traits, that include practicality and intelligence.

Sexual compatibility: Because they are so inherently different, their sex life is rarely satisfying for both the partners. If they love one another, they will need a lot of understanding to know each other sexually. They both need verbal stimulation to get excited and still, their choice of words will be so different from each other. Just like we said, they are united and divided at the same time.

Couple quotient: 3.5/10

Virgo and Cancer

Ah! So, here's the possibility of a happily-ever-after. The crab and the virgin may seem like they don't belong together but if one just looks a little underneath the surface, they will realise that these two have much more in common than meets the eye. In fact, they have the potential for a great and everlasting love story.


Their differences are such that they only soothe one another. The gentleness of a crab will make the virgin feel like she is sitting on the shore of a quiet lake. Virgo would love the mildness of the crab's mannerism, sense of humour, their sense of satire and critique.

The only quarrels these two may have are about the crab's emotional attachment to things which may not be of practical use to the virgin.


From trusting each other to communicating well, there is not much that this duo can't pull off properly. They both trust each other easily as they won't have many reasons to doubt one another.

Their communications will be smooth, except their nature's polarity between emotion versus logic. Otherwise, the crab has the potential to listen, while Virgos can talk to great length. Not a similarity but a quality that surely binds them together.

Sexual compatibility: Though the virgin is practical and the crab is emotional, they both can help each other learn a thing or two. The virgin will help the crab let their guard down while the crab will help the virgin to not over analyze everything and get in touch with their emotional side. Overall, their sexual relationship is highly driven by emotions and is satisfactory.

Couple quotient: 7.5/10

Virgo and Leo

They may be one of the happiest, hopeful and harmonious couples that we mortals are capable of being. Yet, there can be patterns of domination-subjugation that can occur between a lion and a virgin. Evidently, the lion commands the virgin but here, the virgin isn't the naive 19th-century-lady for she will have a tolerance level and it can turn the tables. If the two work their differences out, they can be a couple to last.

leo virgo


The lion may not like it a lot when the virgin nags him time and again. He also hates the virgin's habit of constant critique. On the other hand, the virgin needs to tell the lion that she will not be tamed. She will not like acting a slave to the commands and whims of her Leo companion.

Leos can also appear vain, arrogant and prideful to the virgin. It can be hard for them to connect emotionally despite communicating enough and being attracted enough. It is a strange thing with these two signs but that's how it is. Emotional flow is hard to achieve.


Leo would always admire the warm-heartedness and generosity of the virgin. These two are like the beauty and the beast, in most aspects. If they truly bond together and work out their differences, it'll be a fairytale love story.

Sexual compatibility: The shyness of the virgin and the need of the lion for someone to appreciate and praise them may lead to sexual hindrances between these two signs. It will almost be like the lion's passion is antagonistic to the virgin’s need for protection and feeling secure.

Couple quotient: 5/10

Virgo and Virgo

The association of two Virgos can be a dangerous thing for it will mean that they over analyse each and everything they say, they do and they feel. It's like two philosophers of logic dating each other. So, it may not leave any possibility for the magic to occur. However, if these virgins have learnt to transcend beyond the microscopic view they hold and instead, have a sight for the wider space, these two can combine their talents and change the vibrations of their relationship.


Their lives can revolve around 'much ado about nothing', that is excessive worry that's not required. They spend endless time in worrying that is simply counterproductive. Also, they don't like blaming each other because the virgin loves to stand self-accused. This can lead to the suppression of emotions, anxiety, and self-chastisement.

This further leads to what their biggest problem can be - emotional blockage. Their hearts are filled with feelings of guilt and helplessness.


They know how to empathise with each other as they share viewpoints and perspectives. This can help build their relationship, rather than destroy it. All they need is a relaxed view towards life and they can easily learn to laugh till their tummies ache.

Sexual compatibility: They can easily understand each other but their habit of finding faults can be a bummer. When two virgins are dating, their need to critique flares up. Yet, they both respect each other's need for protection and security. This can help them develop a strong physical bond.

Couple quotient: 5.5/10

Virgo and Libra

This duo starts with a delightfulness, which blossoms with Libra's balance of motives and goals and the virgin's serenity. It will be a smooth sail for them both with nothing like wildfire, neither like the bite of a snake. It will not be sensational as it will be smooth like a sea. Yet, Libra's balance can be tipped by the sharp critique of the virgin, once they have crossed the first few months.

libra virgo


Libra loves to socialise, even if that means indulging in small talk and smiling when you don't feel like it even an inch. On the other hand, the virgin hates it. This can lead to the Libra assuming that he will have all the fun while the virgin will deal with all the drudgery and duties of a relationship, such as bills, babies and bird-dogging.

On the other hand, the blissfulness and casualness of the Libra imagination can be pin-pricked by the virgin with the sharp entangles of their critique. These two signs can face emotional turbulence as they can find it hard to connect with each other.


Having said the above, these two sun signs often make their way to a successful relationship. With Libras, Virgos hold their tendency to point out mistakes. This is because they respect them for their ability to make life less chaotic. Libra also loves the virgin's sense of duty.

The fact is that these two have much more in common than not. There will not be any issues on understanding each other as they both communicate efficiently. There is nothing very extreme about this relationship and it will keep the matters smooth and sailing.

Sexual compatibility: Sexual matters may not be very good between the two. The major issue would be that of speed as Libra can go much faster than the virgin would like him to. Virgin's critique can hit Libra's ego and they may not tolerate beyond a point. Things will be hard but if Libra learns to slow down a bit and Virgo holds its tongue and opens up, things will get better.

Couple quotient: 5/10

Virgo and Scorpio

These two signs are like the virgin and the eagle together in the real sense; they have an enigmatic quality about their relationship that will get them very close. The virgin will not find it hard to get close to a Scorpio, which other sun signs often find so. The gentleness of the virgin's touch will be welcome to the self-confident and self-assured eagle and they both will blend like the Earth and the water, their signs’ elements.


Scorpios are born with a very rigid sense of self-sufficiency and superiority. They don't like to be pet or even appreciated for that matter. If they are obedient, disciplined and don't drink, they know it. They hate someone telling them that they are good. Now, this can be a bit problematic for the analytical virgin because she loves to criticise and offer her opinion of everything.

On the other hand, Virgos will feel that they cannot help the eagle by offering any sort of insight. Their formula to help everyone reform simply doesn't work with the Eagles.


The problems that they have can easily be sorted by them because an eagle does not mind the virgin's criticism as much because they do it so gently and self-effacingly.

Also, the virgin will not find it hard to break the shell of a Scorpio's wall and get through, which no other sun sign can do so easily. The virgin's practicality can also bring the two closer as the eagle loves this trait in them.

The eagle will feel like they have found their ground when they date a virgin. The virgin, on the other hand, will learn to open her horizons when dating a Scorpio. They both enrich from each other's association in more ways than one.

Sexual compatibility: It is fuming, to say it in one word. Scorpio is famous for his sexual desires, often being seen as a sex symbol himself. On the other hand is the virgin. The combination of these two can be very interesting. They both also don't find it hard to connect emotionally as the eagle is deeply emotional. This will make the sexual relationship between the two very satisfying.

Couple quotient: 8.5/10

Virgo and Sagittarius

The archer is associated with the element of fire, a thing that can be associated with woods, a part of the earth. These two signs may not be very emotionally fulfilling to each other and yet, they can learn a thing or two to make things work.

sagittarius virgo


The virgin will find it very hard to trust the archer because of his impatience with feeling trapped. Trust will be one of the biggest concerns for this couple. They both may not even trust in their ability to have a relationship with each other.

Also, the archer loves to exaggerate, that being one of his innate qualities. This can put off the logical virgin a bit.


They both are mutable signs and hence, will communicate easily. The generalisations of the archer's communication may not be received well by the precise virgin. Hence, they both are likely to teach each other about their specialisations.

Also, the archers exaggerate and generalise but they are also honest as they are centaurs, that is double personalities. This will help them work things out.

Sexual compatibility: They both will share a good sexual compatibility but only till the archer does not push the virgin beyond her limit. Virgos are not much for experimentation, while Sagittarius loves it. Archers can happen to passionately force their partner into things they may not be very willing to do. Both these signs are giving but they need to achieve a balance of who gives how much.

Couple quotient: 3.5/10

Virgo and Capricorn

Both the virgin and the goat have a sweetness about their gestures. They are gentle and reserved and this is what makes them perfect for one another. They have a fair share of similarities and are very compatible with one another.


Just like most others, Cappy can also think that the virgin worries too much. They may also not like them talking things to such great lengths. While, the virgin may find Capricorn to be very stubborn and yet, refusing to change.


Virgos and Capricorns love coming across as proper, polite people. This can make them live properly without being disapproving of each other. Also, this duo shares another similarity that smoothens things out as life partners, that is, their attitude towards money. They both are savers and spend money only when it is needed to be spent.

Also, they both share a sense of responsibility. They both are naturally dutiful and love being so. They both are also very sensible and share a good common sense. They understand each other quite profoundly and know when the other one is not in the best of its spirits, despite the world not seeing it.

Sexual compatibility: Their sex life may be scanty but is more satisfying than not. Whenever they have sex, the depth they achieve is simply magical. Their sex isn't superficial but something that means greater things to them.

Couple quotient: 8/10

Virgo and Aquarius

aquarius virgo

The virgins’ precision is in sharp contrast to the Aquarius' absent-mindedness. Virgo will remember the exact time, date and place when the Aquarius proposed, while he may even forget he did that ever. Things are different between them and the only way they can make it to eternity is through the cherished virtue of patience.


These two can be quite different in their own might. Aquarius can be quite futuristic, predicting things for fun, which may actually end up being true. On the other hand, the virgin is usually analysing the past and nit-picking what's happening at the moment, without giving any thought to the future.

Aquarius may also not apologise for his or her mistakes very easily, while the virgin can easily spill an apology.


Their relationship will not have a dull moment though. Aquarius is spontaneous and is really curious to know things. On the other hand, Virgo is more cautious than curious. Hence, Aquarius can help the virgin be more spontaneous.

They both also share an innate kindness and a sense of concern for the entire humanity. This can help them combine and do wonders for the world.

Sexual compatibility: Like mentioned above, Aquarius is all about spontaneity. They are so even in their sex lives and this isn't taken well by the poor virgins, who like to take it slow. They also get turned off by the virgin's tendency to overthink. If they really want their sex life to get better, they have to talk and have patience.

Couple quotient: 3/10

Virgo and Pisces

If we are talking about an emotional connect, there is no other sign that can awaken the virgin's inner emotions like the fish can. This duo makes one of the most promising relationships for Virgo, as they can easily reach points of perfection together.


Pisces is a sign of duality, with two fishes going in opposite directions. This can drive a virgin crazy because she cannot afford being pulled in two different directions at the same time. There may also be some trust issues between the two.


Their little sparks of jealousy will only drive them closer together and they can easily get over trivial trust issues. They both have an amazing capacity to understand and communicate with each other. The fish will help the virgin in not over-analysing anything and inspire them to have self-esteem. The virgin can, on the other hand, help the fish actualise his talents. They will have a strong sense of intellectual as well as emotional security.

They both value perfection. The virgin will bring in intellectual perfection while the fish will get emotional perfection.

Sexual compatibility: It will not be wrong to say that the sexual compatibility of these two sun signs is better than the virgin's physical intimacy to any other sign. They both can see through each other and will not feel any shame in setting themselves free. It will be like pure sex, never really instinctual, but definitely passionate.

Couple quotient: 9/10

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